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Care & Assembly

Our frames come ready to hang out of the box, all you need to do is insert your own picture and attach the screw eyes/hooks. Below are a few tips on how to do this.

Assembly Help

  • Custom wood frames: How do I insert my pictures, assemble and hang my frame?
  • To insert your pictures simply lift up the flexi pins found on the back of your frame which are pressing down the MDF board, take out the MDF board and pop in your picture. You will notice that your frames arrive almost fully finished, after inserting your picture all you have to do is insert the screw eyes or hooks, depending on what we have deemed appropriate to send and then attach the polycord. Done, now you just have to hang them, paying close attention to alignment.

  • Custom aluminium frames: How do I insert my pictures, assemble and hang my frame?
  • Our custom aluminium frames require one side be unscrewed in order to insert your artwork. This will take no longer than 2 minutes?

    1. Firstly remove any spring clips carefully, unscrew one side using a flat head screwdriver via the corner brackets and slide it out.
    2. Next slide out your glazing, backing board and mount, if you ordered one.
    3. If you ordered acrylic take off the protective covering.
    4. If you didn't order a mount; sandwich your picture between your glazing and MDF and slide it back inside the frame. If you did order a mount; stick it down and then slide all the items back inside?
    5. Re-attach the corner and slide under the spring clips to hold you picture in place. Attach the polycord, hang and enjoy.

  • How do I attach my picture to my new mount?
  • When you ordered your mount we recommended you deduct a few mm from the height and width. Now it will become clear why. Take your new photo mount and place it face down on a flat, clean surface. Now position your picture facedown on top of the mount. Your picture should overlap your mount opening slightly; allowing you to tape it down securely so it doesn't move around in the frame. We recommend using normal sellotape for this process.

  • How do I insert my picture into a snap frame?
  • Our front opening snap frames allow you to quickly swap items inside without having to remove the frame from the wall or use tools. All sides of the frame 'snap' open to allow easy access. Perfect if you need to change its contents regularly.

Product Care

  • Can you give me some basic care tips?
  • Your eFRAME.co.uk frames are created with the highest of standards for quality, materials and finish. Because of this high standard for quality your frames will require little care in the future. Just follow a few simple tips from our own framers to get the most from them.

    All our tips aim to reduce the effect of moisture, heat and sunlight, deteriorate the products over and extended period of time. Never place valuable artwork or frame pieces in a wet room such as a bathroom, near a fireplace or radiator, or in direct sunlight.

  • How do I clean my frame?
  • To clean wood or metal, use a feather duster or very soft cloth - do not use potentially damaging household cleaners at any point.

  • How do I clean the glazing?
  • Never spray a cleaner directly on glazing (glass or acrylic). To clean the glass, spray regular window cleaner on a soft fabric like cheesecloth and then apply. To clean acrylic we recommend using a damp cloth and gently wiping it over the face without pressing down too hard.

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