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Existing art clients

Selling Framed Art is Easy

You may already think that framing is a great complementary product to offer. It can make your offering appear more comprehensive to customers and has the potential to significantly increase your profitability.

However, you may feel the work required to frame and fit your prints is too onerous. You may also lack the space and equipment required to make and store the products.

The good news is we can help. We've got a range of solutions designed to take some or all of the printing and framing work away. These 3 options allow you to focus on what you do best, growing your business and creating amazing new art.

Drop Shipping

Made & Shipped on Demand


Drop shipping is a scheme through which you do not keep goods in stock, but instead transfer customer orders and shipment details to us. We then ship the goods directly to your customer. All the hard work is handled by us.

  1. You receive an order

    You receive an order for a framed/mounted print from a customer as you normally would.
  2. You tell us about the order

    You then place an order with us for the items that your customer has requested. At the point you place the order to us you'll also provide us with your customers' delivery details.
  3. You send us the artwork

    Digital File for Printing

    If we do the printing we'll need a digital copy of the artwork to be printed. This can be sent by email, dropbox, weTransfer or FTP.
    Physical Artwork

    If you already have the artwork or print you can send it to us in the post or by courier.
    Quick tip: By sending prints in batches you save on postage costs.
  4. We make the order

    Once we have the piece we will professionally frame or mount it. Frames have sealed backs and are ready to hang out of the box, with the cord attached. Mounted prints are dispatched in polythene bags.
  5. We ship direct to your customer

    We then pack the products and safely ship them directly to your customers' using white-label packaging and your own branding.

Bulk Fulfilment

Made in Advance. Shipped on Demand.


This option allow us or you to draw from a stockpile of pre-made products. We can hold the stock for you at our warehouse or alternatively you can stock the products in your own location.

  1. You place an order with us

    You place an order with us for the items that you require making.
  2. You send us the artwork

    Digital File for Printing

    If we do the printing we'll need a digital copy of the artwork to be printed. This can be sent by email, dropbox, weTransfer or FTP.
    Physical Artwork

    If you already have the artwork or print you can send it to us in the post or by courier.
    Quick tip: By sending prints in batches you save on postage costs.
  3. We make the order

    Once we have the print we will make the frame before professionally fitting the print using traditional framing techniques. The finished items will have sealed backs and will be ready to hang out of the box, with the cord attached.
  4. Order items are stocked ready for picking

    Digital File for Printing

    We send the finished framed art back to you to stock and draw upon when an order is received.
    Physical Artwork

    We can stock the products for you and ship them directly to your customer when necessary. It's important to note that your customer will not know the products have been sent from us.

Bulk Supply

Wholesale Frames To You


If you have the ability to fulfil orders yourself, but need frames, we can manufacture wholesale quantities (from 10 to 10,000) and ship them back to your business. This allows you to frame your own art and fulfil orders when required.

  1. You place an order with us

    You place an order with us for the items that you require making.
  2. We make your order

    We will manufacture the requested frames and/or mounts for you.
  3. We ship the items to you

    We then pack the products and safely ship them back to your property for stocking yourself. You can then draw from stock, and when required fit the prints yourselves ready to send out to your customer.
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We’ve been professionally impressed and inspired by eFrame since they first pitched for our business in a uniquely creative way! Working together we found the right moulding at the right price with high quality standards that crucially have never dipped. The professional attitude and dedication of everyone at eFrame to reach a solution and maintain our reputation with our customers is faultless. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending eFrame as a great company to work with.
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What We Do

No house proud home owner wants to blu tack their beautiful new print to the wall. They'd sooner receive it professionally framed and ready to hang, to be enjoyed for years to come. With this in mind, we're geared to help people like you offer a one stop print, frame and mount solution in a way which is simple and fuss-free.


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    Huge Choice of 3,000 Frame Styles

    Over 3,000 styles to choose from, each one handcrafted right here in the UK. Found a frame you like somewhere else? No problem. We'll source it for you.

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    Custom Sizes up to 48"

    As custom framers we can make a frame to fit any artwork or print. Need bigger than 48", we may still be able to help.

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    Limitless Mounting Options

    Our white core, black core, conservation and luxury deep bevel mounts both protect your picture and enhance your art.

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    Float & Dry Mounting

    Float mount your art for an elegant, timeless style or dry mount your art so that it's not going to wrinkle over time.

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    Archival & Canvas Printing

    Our Epson printers utilise the latest High Dynamic Range pigment inks, which offer exceptional quality for true archival printing (rated to last over 200 years without fading).

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    Canvas Floater Frames

    Canvas floater frames or tray frames are designed for paintings and other art that's been stretched onto deep canvas moulding.

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    UV Glazing

    We offer a variety of glazing options, like our 2mm Float Glass and UV glass as well as our Clarity+ Acrylic (that the world famous Christies Auction House opts for).

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    Box Framing & Spacers

    Our box frames and spacers set your artwork back from the glazing for an impressive look. They're perfect for thicker items.


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    Business Level Pricing

    Trade customers benefit from our special wholesale pricing which means you get the same gorgeous quality at a lower cost.

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    Design Support

    Whether you need a second pair of eyes or expert advice, our experienced team can share their framing suggestions for your art.

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    Hanging & Installation

    Our experienced installation partners can ensure that your art hangs perfectly.

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    Product Photography

    Get free high-res product photography & templates to make selling framed art easy.

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    We'll collect or print artwork for framing before delivering it fully framed in time for gallery openings and tradeshows.

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    Easy Order Management

    Work when you want by tracking orders, downloading invoices and more using your online dashboard.

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    Flexible Delivery

    From same-day turnaround to scheduled deliveries over a given period.

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    World-Class Support

    Get a dedicated account manager to help with billing, ordering and design.

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    Drop Shipping & White Label

    We'll ship your framed prints directly to your customers. Our identity is kept secret and we can use your own branding.

Sell Through Any Channel

We work with thousands of artists and print shops across the UK... some sell their art in garden centres, some through pop-up shops and some sell online - but they all benefit from our our flexible and professional approach to selling frames.

Online Sellers

We're perfectly positioned to help Etsy Sellers, Not On the High Street Partners, Shopify Merchants and other online shops (big or small).

Whether you're a reseller, printmaker, painter or illustrator our systems and API's can help you place 1 or 1000 individual orders in next to no time.

What's more, our business accounts enjoy admin tools that enable you to track parcels, manage your account, place orders, download invoices and view sales history with ease.

You're in Good Hands

Last year we helped fulfil over 100,000 framed and mounted orders for online shops and artists


Unlock Your Potential

Experience tells us that art retailers sell on average 30% of their prints with frames.
Offering framing could provide you with a 45% uplift in revenue.

Margins are of course largely dependent on your chosen selling price, but there is healthy margin to be enjoyed for all sellers when a frame is involved. We've found this could provide you with an average 45% uplift in revenue due to both a higher selling price and the acquisition of new customers who want a ready-to-hang product.

One Stop Shopping

Customers like simplicity


Customers are becoming ever more demanding and convenience is of utmost importance. When a customer has to shop around to find a frame for their new print they may be less inclined to make the purchase from you and choose to shop elsewhere (even if your print is a standard size).

Experience suggests that artists sell on average 30% of their prints with frames, if customers are given the option.

More Time for You

Less Stress. More Time to Grow.


Value your time? Yes? Great. Let us take care of the framing, shipping, ordering of materials etc... so you can focus on doing more of the things you're good at; like creating art, growing your business and developing your brand.


We're cheaper than the highstreet


We use exactly the same materials as high street framers, we just buy them cheaper and pass the savings onto you. And if you're thinking of doing it yourself... setting up an efficient framing facility requires expert knowledge, space, experience and capital.

Pictures look better

Customers will pay more


The right frame can add a lot visually to a piece, making it even more desirable and elevating its perceived value. Customers view framed prints as luxury items and are willing pay a premium. This of course means more cash profit for you.

Our business-level pricing allows artists to mark-up their frames by 100% and still be competitive. Of course, this is a general guideline and can change depending on your own strategy.

Be Found Online

More products to show on Google


By offering more products, you're more likely to show up in a wider range of searches. Every day potential customers are searching for terms like framed prints and mounted art. You need to be selling these products to be listed.

Did you know that each month there at 70,000 unique searches for the keyword "Framed Art"?

Emphasise your look

Unique frame styles to boost your brand


Not all prints are created equal, so it's lucky there's a frame style to suit every conceivable style of artwork. From ornate gold frames carrying a more traditional message to simple flat black frames which suggest a more contemporary design. You can genuinely set your prints apart by framing them beautifully in a way which you feel reflects the style of print you offer. By innovating in this way you can cement your place in the market.

Don't restrict yourself to black, white and oak. Our huge range of frame styles has been chosen to appeal to every taste. Do you paint seascapes? Why not choose a frame from our coastal collection?

Be Remembered

Use frames as a marketing tool


In terms of raising your brand awareness, we can include your marketing material in packaging and place stickers on the back of the frame. This will remind customers to return to your store should they wish to purchase another similar print in the future.

Set your products apart by developing a unique, memorable brand. Our flexible white-label options give you the power to reinforce your messages post purchase.

Protect Your Art

Make your art last longer


We all know frames look good, but that's not the only reason that people buy them. They protect your prints through transit and continue to protect them through their entire lifetime. No grubby finger prints, no creases, no rips to the media. This has to be a good thing for the customer, right?

Framed Prints Are Finished Prints

Ready to hang. Ready to admire.


No house proud home owner wants to blu tack their newly unpacked print to the wall. They'd sooner see it beautifully framed and ready to enjoy for years to come on their wall or shelf.

Your Competitors Are Doing It

Don't get left behind


Don't be left behind in a fast moving market. If your competitors are framing, perhaps you should be too. Not doing so leaves you at risk of being left behind as others fill out their product offering and explore new opportunities in the industry

Referral Scheme

Our print shop voucher scheme allows you to earn a commission on orders your customers make with eFrame. This scheme is available to all artists and print shops, whether you sell our frames or not.

We can provide you with vouchers for you to pack with your prints entitling your customers to a discount when they use our online framing service.

Each and every time that one of your customers places an order with us using your unique voucher code you'll earn a substantial commission. And that commission is earned every time your customer uses our service.