How To
Mount a Picture

Mounting your artwork is a straightforward process, but it's often done incorrectly. Our GCF framers explain how to do it from the comfort of your own home.

Our how-to video above explains the essential steps for mounting a picture into a photo mount. For more detailed steps please see our guide below.

Before You Start

We want your picture to be appropriately aligned and secured within the mount, so it doesn't drop in the future. We also want to ensure that you're using suitable materials for the type of picture you're framing. So, you'll need to consider what FATG standard you'd like to mount your image. Learn more about mounting standards.

Mounting your picture should take no longer than 2 minutes.

You Will Need

  • Your mount
  • Your picture
  • Tape - Archival tape should be used for expensive or irreplaceable artwork. For regular pictures, you can use sellotape or frame backing tape.

Attach Your Picture to the Mount

One of the main issues people encounter when incorrectly mounting their picture is that the picture creases and bends over time as the image and mountboard expand and contract at different rates due to changes in temperature and moisture. To counter this, the picture should be left to "hang free" by hinging only the top of the mount.

  1. Firstly place your picture face down on a clean surface, and have your tape ready. Now we are ready to start attaching our image to the mount; take a length of tape and place it across the back of your picture, leaving half of the tape exposed for attaching to the mount
  2. At this point, we now need to grab the mount backing board and attach the mount to the picture, making sure that the mount isn't covering up any critical aspects of the photo
  3. When you’re happy with the positioning of the mount on the picture, secure the mount in position by pressing down firmly on the tape
  4. Your image should now be attached to your mount and ready to be placed into a picture frame. Need help fitting the image into a picture frame? Learn all about framing your picture.