How To
Clean Acrylic Picture Frames

All frames come standard with our Clarity+ Perspex. It's cut from a high quality acrylic sheet that's both crystal clear, but also safe and filters out over 99% of UV light. Cleaning acrylic is simple, as our step-by-step guide below shows.

Typically, most picture frames are bought with an acrylic (plastic) glazing rather than glass. Glass can be fitted upon request and requires a different method of cleaning. Read how to clean a glass fitted picture frame instead.

Before You Start

Whilst our Clarity+ glazing is cut from the highest quality plastic, it's still susceptible to minor surface scratches which can impact its clarity and the look of the artwork. As such, you can't use the same cleaning products and solutions as you would on regular glass.

Please also note that this guide refers to our own high quality acrylic glazing and not Styrene which is often found in cheaper frames. Styrene is a very soft plastic that will scratch easily. Our own acrylic is much more robust.

Cleaning your acrylic should take no longer than 1 minute.

You Will Need

  • Your acrylic - most of the time you'll just need to clean the front of your acrylic as dust gathers. If however, you need to clean both sides, you'll need to remove it from your frame.
  • 1 damp micro fibre cloth
  • 1 dry micro fibre cloth

Health & Safety

  • We recommend removing the entire frame from your wall before cleaning to remove the risk of it accidentally falling
  • If you take the acrylic out of the frame, the edges and corners can sometimes be sharp. Take extra care when handing the glazing outside of the frame

Cleaning Your Acrylic

  1. At this point you will need to take one of your micro fibre cloths and rinse it. Ensure you ring it out thoroughly prior to contact with the glazing, you don’t want the cloth to be overly damp. The damp cloth also helps to remove any static build up.
  2. Now apply the cloth to the glazing and wipe gently across the surface, removing the dirt as you go. Don't press too hard on the glazing as this can cause minor surface imperfections.
  3. Once you are satisfied that the glazing of the picture frame is clean, take the dry cloth and wipe off any water marks and remaining dirt.
  4. If you've removed the acrylic or the frame from the wall, refit and hang.