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eFRAME is a trusted name in the picture framing trade - we're the preferred choice for everyone including business and Government.

Why choose eFRAME?

Just a few of the reasons we're the UK's leaders


With extensive experience in the picture framing industry we are able to produce and supply frames at the right quality and price point for your needs. Second class production and assembly is not acceptable and will not make it out of the door, whatever the price. We pride ourselves on being the best in our industry and our products reflect this.


With huge experience of producing frames in high volume for the corporate, government and trade markets, we have developed efficient and economical manufacturing techniques that means we are able to deliver a first class product at a price some may think is crazy!

YOU are our priority

Our customers are our first priority and our support team is on hand to answer any questions you may have throughout our business relationship.


While we can't do backflips and the splits, we are a pretty flexible company and will figuratively bend over backwards to meet your specific requirements.

Our capabilities

... and a little about us

eFRAME formed in 2002 as a small operation full of ideas and passion for the framing industry. Over a decade later the company has flourished to become the leaders in online picture framing in the UK. With the grow of business the company moved to a 33,000 sq. ft. state of the art factory, and continues to thrive, offering the largest selection of frames, both custom and readymade, online to a host of different customers, from the general public to high profile companies and government departments.

More than capable

We have invested in advanced technology to manufacture our frames, allowing us to produce high standard products in large numbers, ticking the boxes of both quality and quantity. Our factory is equipped with the best machinery to assist with our in-house bespoke service without breaking the bank of our customers.

Our extensive product range consists of picture frames, photo frames, poster frames, picture mounts and framed mirrors. Boasting more than 600 moulding styles, both in wood and aluminium, and 350 mount styles, we offer the largest selection that is available online.

12 years strong

We have been an established picture frame manufacturing company for 12 years and continue to grow from strength to strength, always innovating to stay ahead of the game. It is our goal at to guarantee customer satisfaction from the point of order to the delivery and beyond, ensuring the quality and professionalism of every order, no matter the size or the customer. With 12 years' experience comes a vast knowledge of our products, enabling us to deal with every question and query directly, allowing for an efficient service and a happy clientele of over 280,000 in the UK.




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eFRAME House,
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eFRAME were called up by an independent company to develop and produce the 3D frames for hand print casting kits, targeted predominantly at new parents, this independent company then supply a national baby products retailer with these kits. eFRAME were required to produce 5000-6000 of these frames per month for a scheduled 12 months. There were three types of these frames produced and manufactured on-site. Ensuring that the products were perfect for the customer, eFRAME worked closely with the clients to guarantee that their specifications were met and with eFRAME's great attention to detail and high level of professionalism, a quality product was created and then delivered within 3-5 working days after completion.

One off and repeat orders

One of a kind and those who can't get enough of eFRAME

At home dealing with both one off purchases and regular orders, we are happy to deal with both types of order, believing in our accommodating and flexible nature which has been developed to meet the requirements of every customer, no matter the spend.

One Off Orders

Whether you need a one off order of 25 frames or 10,000 frames, eFRAME are here to help. We will work closely with you to make sure that your specific requirements are met and there is a quick turnaround, we can even ship the products directly to your customer. It doesn't matter if this order is the only order you need, we can still offer you our great discounts and flexible payment terms, promising our fantastic quality at a price that suits your budget.

Repeat Orders

If you are a business looking to make more than one order we are happy to help. We'll work closely with you to meet any specific requirements and are even able to hold stock for you for a limited time. We assign a specific contact to give you a friendlier experience and reliable support. With unbeatable discounts, flexible payment terms, a quick turnaround and the option to ship directly to your customers, we guarantee an easy, stress free process designed with you, and for you.


Custom frames to sell on your website, hassle free

pro-framer is risk-free software that enables you to sell custom picture frames on your website at a profit. The software allows your customers to choose from over 600 moulding styles, 350 mount options and 20 sundry items. The frames sold through pro-framer are produced and delivered by us for you. As the leading online picture framing manufacturer in the UK, with over 280,000 satisfied customers, we know our way around a quality picture frame meaning you can rest assured that you are offering a first-class framing solution. Please note that this service is open to customers who already sell frames and are looking for a tailored solution. There is no charge for the software.

The benefits

If you need further convincing here are some of the benefits of pro-framer:

  • You get a % of the profit from the frames sold through pro-framer, without the costs of delivery, materials, labour and overheads, it is pure profit for your business!
  • It's completely free, from the software to the support. So even if you don't sell any frames (which we doubt) you haven't lost any money.
  • We deal with almost all of the support with our own team of specialists, so there is no need to train up in the art of framing.

  • Plenty of choice. Customers like diversity, with pro-framer there are countless frame combinations on offer, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.
  • Top tech! The manufacturing and software used with pro-framer is state of the art. With a production facility equipped with the most advanced equipment and manufacturing methods, and a team of Fine Art Trade Guild qualified staff, you are ensuring only the best quality for your customers.

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Quality matters

At eFRAME we take pride in the quality of the products we deliver to our customers, whether the frame is for an expensive piece of art or a candid family photo, we ensure that every frame is of the highest quality. We have also gone a step further by working with the Fine Art Trade Guild to develop in-house standards that ensure that the art you put into an eFRAME frame looks great and will stand the test of time.

There's a reason we have over 400,000 customers...
Our service and products are rated 9.7 out of 10