Happiness Guarantee

We want you to love your frames. If you aren't happy with your purchase, you can return it, simple.

Popular Styles

We supply A4 certificate frames to suit all tastes and trends, from classic to contemporary.

Display with Pride

Whether your framing your own award or gifting one, framed certificates serve as a brilliant reminder of the dedication shown and achievements earned. Proudly display them to keep reliving the moments.

Lifelong Framing

Turn your proudest accomplishments into a mini exhibition. Frame your A4 certificates in any of our handmade custom frames and mounts (you can even specify a title opening). Alternatively, order a pre-made product like a snap or clip frame.

The most impressive achievements deserve the best quality materials and highest standard of craftsmanship. That's why our own frames are made from real wood or aluminium, using the perfect blend of technology and traditional framing techniques.

A4 Frame Range

Colour/Type Fits Item Size Customisable Orientation
Black FramesPopular A4 Certificates Portrait/Landscape
Bronze/Copper Frames A4 Certificates Portrait/Landscape
Brown Frames (e.g. Walnut) A4 Certificates Portrait/Landscape
Gold Frames A4 Certificates Portrait/Landscape
Natural Frames (e.g. Oak) A4 Certificates Portrait/Landscape
Silver Frames A4 Certificates Portrait/Landscape
White Frames A4 Certificates Portrait/Landscape
Blue Frames A4 Certificates Portrait/Landscape
Green Frames A4 Certificates Portrait/Landscape
Red Frames A4 Certificates Portrait/Landscape
Grey Frames A4 Certificates Portrait/Landscape
Snap Frames A4 Certificates   Portrait/Landscape
Clip Frames A4 Certificates   Portrait/Landscape
Certificate + Title Opening
Framed or unframed. Title openings sit underneath your certificate.
A4 Certificates Landscape

If you have large volume requirements our quantity discount structure may apply to your order.

Popular Questions

What are certificate frames?

Certificate frames are picture frames that are sized to fit a standard A4 piece of paper or card. A4 is the commonly accepted size for which certificates are printed! If you have a different size then visit our custom frames section.

Are these frames suitable for company certificates?

Yes. These frames can hold anything from fire certificates to employee awards. If you have an upcoming award ceremony you may be interested in our quantity discounts if you order 2 or more of the same item.

Can I frame photos or artwork instead?

Yes. Customers often use these frames to display their favourite photos or art. As long as your picture is A4 in size, these frames will suit.

Can I display multiple certificates in one frame?

Yes. You'll need to take a look at our portrait A4 multi photo frames. You can learn more about our multi photo frames.

Do these frames stand or hang?

Both. By default custom frames are designed to hang, but you can order a metal stand separately. Please refer to the individual product specification for premade frames.

Do these frames come with real glass or plexiglas?

You have a choice when ordering custom frames. We give you the opportunity to specify either 2mm float glass or our Clarity+ plexiglas.

Clarity+ glazing is our own brand of high quality plexiglas. Unlike other frames found online our unique Clarity+ glazing doesn't scratch easy, has a high UV resistance and doesn't yellow over time, so there's less to distract you from your picture.

Our pre-made frames come with a mixture. You'll need to refer to the individual product page for glazing information.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

Absolutely. Our generous quantity discount structure can be seen here.