How To
Clean Picture Frames

So you've proudly hung your beautiful picture frames, now you'll want to keep them looking amazing all year round. This is the only guide you'll need to keep your frames clean and sparkly.

Before You Start

We have created this simple guide to provide you with the very best tips for cleaning your frames to keep your collection looking amazing for years to come.

Your frames are crafted by experienced framers using high-quality materials. As a result, your frames will require little care in the future.

When cleaning any of your frames for the first time, always test the products on a small area of the frame to ensure there is are no unintended side effects that damage or mark the frame.

Cleaning each frame should take no longer than 1 minute.

Cleaning The Frame Moulding

A straightforward way to avoid reaching for the more abrasive cleaning products is to ensure that your frames get included in your regular dusting duties. Keeping on top of the dust build-up will reduce the effort needed to keep them looking good.

To dust down your frames. simply use a feather duster or an anti-static cloth. If the dust has built up a bit, try dampening the cloth in water first. We always recommend taking your frames off the wall when cleaning them.

Know Your Materials

Knowing the difference between each frame is crucial for cleaning your collection; you have to respect how certain cleaning products will react with the moulding material (frame).

Wood Frames

When cleaning a wooden frame, its best to use a damp cloth or standard furniture polish. If your frame has ornate detailing, you can use a toothbrush to get into those smaller hard to reach areas.

Our own framers use a small amount of lighter fluid to remove any stubborn fingerprints and marks on smooth paint surfaces.

Metal Frames

Metal frames are very straightforward to clean; a damp cloth will get them looking brand new in no time, but if they have some more resilient dirt, try mixing water with a little washing up liquid to shift any of the hard to remove dirt.

Polcore Frames

When dealing with plastic frames, use a plastic cleaner, and if you have none available, a little washing up liquid mixed with water will work wonders.

Ornate & Detailed Frames

Whilst elegant and classy, ornate frames can be slightly trickier to keep clean:

  1. Make sure you are an in a well-lit area to view all of the intricacies of the frame
  2. Wipe the dust and dirt away with a clean, soft microfibre cloth
  3. Using a dry toothbrush, gently scrub away the dirt which is located within the crevices of the moulding
  4. Wipe away the dislodged dirt using the cloth
  5. If there is any dirt left, take a cotton bud and apply this to the hard to reach places. Try dampening the cotton bud to help remove the dirt and dust

Cleaning The Frame Glazing

Regarding cleaning the glazing of a frame, we have created two separate How-To guides explaining the intricacies behind the different methods for both glass and acrylic glazing. Explore the difference by choosing below: