How To
Assemble a Metal Picture Frame

Got a metal picture frame? The process of framing your picture is simple and it won't take long thanks to our step by step guide.

Our how-to video above explains the essential steps when putting together a metal picture frame. For more detailed steps please see our guide below.

This article refers to framing your picture in our custom aluminium frames. If you have a wood picture frame, please view this article instead.

Before You Start

If you are framing a picture and have an aluminium frame, there are a few things you need to do before hanging it on your wall. Each picture should take 4 about minutes to frame.

You should check to make sure you have all the frame components. Each aluminium frame should be supplied with:

  • MDF backing
  • Corner brackets
  • Glazing
  • Hanging fixtures & cord
  • A mount (if ordered)

You will also need a small flat head screwdriver in order to loosen the corner brackets and release the spring clips of the frame.

Health & Safety

  • Always wear eye protectors when handling spring clips - they are spring-loaded and can pop out unexpectedly
  • Some parts of your product may be sharp. It is recommended that you use gloves while handling

Framing Your Picture

Firstly, find a clean surface and gather all the items you require for fitting your picture frame. Once you have all of your items close to hand, place your artwork face down on the worktop.

Dismantle Your Frame

Remove Spring Clips

Remove the spring clips by pressing the top of the clips down and sliding them out from under the edge of the frame.

Unscrew the Corner Brackets

Using a flat head screwdriver, unscrew the corner brackets on one side of the frame.

Remove Frame Contents

Remove one side of the frame and carefully slide-out all the board(s) and glazing. You only need to loosen these screws slightly, do not remove them completely.

Attach Your Picture to the Mount

Ordered a mount? You'll need to secure your picture to the back of the mount with tape.

  1. Place your picture face down
  2. Run a strip of tape across the top edge of your picture as shown
  3. Turn your picture back over and carefully position your mount over the picture
  4. Make sure the picture is positioned correctly, ensuring it's straight, and press firmly down to attach it in place
  5. Turn your mount and picture face down again and smooth the tape down for a strong bond

Read a more detailed guide on attaching your picture to a mount

Prepare the Glazing

Ordered our Clarity+ Acrylic? Remove the blue protective film from both sides.

At this point, it is recommended clean your glazing. Although we make every effort to minimise the amount of dust in our factory, some may still be present. This final clean will ensure there are definitely no pesky particles when the picture is in the frame.

To learn more about how to clean your glazing check out our acrylic and glass cleaning guides.

Put It Together

Insert The Components

  1. Slide your glass or acrylic back inside the frame
  2. Slide your picture (& mount) inside the frame
  3. If you have ordered barrier board, slide this inside the frame
  4. Slide your MDF backing board inside the frame

Secure the Hanging Fixings

Our frames are supplied with hanging brackets that slip directly into the aluminium profile. These can be secured into position by tightening the screws.

Reattach the Side

After reinserting all the frame pieces, you can turn the framed picture over to make sure you're happy with the alignment before refitting the section of moulding you removed previously and tightening the screws.

Check all the corners have no gaps and ensure they are lined up correctly (adjust their alignment as required). These corners can always be realigned by loosening the two screws located in the corner brackets.

String It

The cord which arrives with the frame can now be threaded through the two brackets and tied securely.