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Choosing a colour is a matter of personal taste, and finding one to complement your art can feel overwhelming, with so many variations and shades. Take the first step by selecting a colour group you think will suit your artwork.

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Choosing the right colour is a fundamental decision

Framed art is a fantastic way to introduce colour for the more colour-shy shoppers. It makes an immediate impact, but it's affordable and straightforward to swap out if you decide to change things.

Your frame (and mount) colour can affect how you and others perceive the artwork or photograph you're framing. Choose a white or black frame to focus your eye on the picture or brighten up your mood with a more vivid colour like yellow or blue. Alternatively, instead of trying to match your art and frame, use an accent mount (double mount) to complement the colour of your art.

Go one step further and consider matching your wall decor with other accessories like cushions and throws.


Picking a colour can be challenging, but you should always have a starting point:


What kind of look are you hoping to achieve? Scandinavian, industrial, shabby chic? By defining this early on, the colour options available to you will present themselves automatically. Not only do you now have a colour palette that's predefined, but also a range of textures that will blend perfectly with your desired style.

If you're still stuck, there's always black!