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Affiliate Program

Recommending your favourite framer is not only helpful to your customers, but a great way to earn you income. With thousands of frames available on, affiliates direct their customers to our website and earn from qualifying purchases.

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How It Works

The eFrame Affiliate Program helps you to monetise the post-purchase journey. With post purchase upsells, you recommend us to customers who might be looking to frame their new art or photos. We'll pay you 10% of the order value each time an order is placed 1.

Frequently asked questions


How does the Affiliate Scheme work?

Share details about our products with your audience and customers by linking to us or including physical vouchers in your order packages to earn money on qualifying purchases.


How do I qualify for this programme?

Anyone with a business that sells art, photos and posters can participate in this program. In addition, if you're a blogger, publisher or content creator with a qualifying website, you can also sign up.


How do I earn in this programme?

You earn from qualifying purchases that use your unique discount code.

We offer a flat 10% affiliate commission based on the order value, excluding VAT and delivery. For an order to be commissionable, your unique code must be used at the point of purchase1.

We'll transfer your commission by direct debit to your chosen bank. It is your responsibility to inform us of a change in details.


How do I sign up for the program?

Sign up for the program here.

We will review and approve your submission as long as you meet our affiliate program criteria.


What can I do to increase my sales?

Social media platforms, blogs and bespoke pages on your website are some of the best places to promote our framing services. We love the idea of creating engaging social media content that talks about framing. We also think writing a blog post about framing, in which you can add links to us, is an excellent way to generate commissionable sales.

You can promote us in your emails, like order confirmations and general marketing.

If your print is shipped unframed, try putting in a physical voucher. We can help you with these; just ask.

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