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Get the most from your frames and mounts with our range of framing accessories. From d-rings and sawtooth hangers to backing boards and tapes. We've got you covered.

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Add the finishing touches to your art with our stylish and practical range of framing accessories. Whether you're hanging frames at home or in a hotel, our accessories will help you to complete your framing project.

Frequently asked questions


Which picture hangers are best for my particular frame?

We take into account your frame's weight, material & moulding width to assess which hanging system is most suitable. Your frame may come with press fix hangers for small and light frames or sawtooth square hangers/ , heavier frames. If you want something in particular, you can browse our full range of frame hanging hardware online.


How do I attach my hanging fixings?

Our framers will attach your hanging fixings if you've ordered a print and frame product or selected the artwork fitting service.

When fitting your own picture you'll need to secure the hanging kit yourself. It's very simple and takes 2 minutes. To learn how to fit your picture hanging kit, please click here.


What is archival tape?

Archival tape or conservation tape is an acid-free framing tape used for hinging (attaching) artwork to the back of a mount.


What is frame backing tape?

Taping around the rear edges of your frames is vital if you want to keep pesky thunderbugs from getting between your art and glazing. Frame backing tape is easy to remove and reposition. Sticks firmly, even above radiators.


What is self-adhesive board?

Use self-adhesive foam board to locate and flatten your artwork, photos and textiles within the frame for presentation purposes. It's pH neutral and repositionable for a short time before forming a permanent bond.


What is barrier board?

Use conservation barrier board to protect your artwork from the non-pH neutral MDF backing board that's included in all our frames. Hinge your artwork to the board using archival tape for maximum effectiveness.


How do I clean my glazing?

We have a guide which shows you how to clean glass. You'll need a clean microfiber cloth and a non-smear glass cleaner, like our professional Bohle glass cleaner. Spray a small amount of glass cleaner onto the glazing and gently wipe off in circular motions. Make sure to avoid the cleaning solution coming into contact with your frame.

Clarity+ (Acrylic)

We also have a guide which shows you how to clean acrylic. You'll need a clean microfiber or anti-static cloth and some water. Simply moisten your cloth and wipe gently over your glazing. Turn your cloth regularly to keep the clean side on the glazing. Make sure you don't use an abrasive cleaning solution or dirty cloth as this may mark your glazing.


Can I stand my frame up?

By default all our custom wood and aluminium frames are supplied to hang on a wall. Wooden frames up to 305 x 254mm (12" x 10") can be stood up by purchasing a clip-on stand.