Snap Them Shut

The perfect partner for your point of sale display (eg. A4 posters) or company literature. Replacing your old posters with new is a breeze. No need for tools and you don't even have to take them off the wall.

Snap Frame Products

Product Fits Item Size Face Width Colour Orientation
A0 Snap Frame A0 25mm Silver Portrait/Landscape
A1 Snap Frame A1 25mm Silver Portrait/Landscape
A2 Snap Frame A2 25mm Silver Portrait/Landscape
A3 Snap Frame A3 25mm Silver Portrait/Landscape
A4 Snap Frame A4 25mm Silver Portrait/Landscape
A5 Snap Frame A5 25mm Silver Portrait/Landscape

Snaps open on a spring hinge for fast and easy poster change without need for tools or removal from the wall.

Size Guide

Use the table below to check which size snap frame you require.


Popular Questions

What are snap frames?

Snap frames or 'snapper frames' are made from aluminium and encase your posters behind a clear, non-glare PVC cover. They've been designed to allow you to easily change the poster within from the front, making them great for POS displays in commercial environments!

How do I replace the poster?

It couldn't be simpler to replace your framed posters! Standing in front of the frame, pull the frame edges towards you to release the poster and PVC cover. Replace the poster and re-insert the contents before clicking the frame back shut.

Can snap frames hold paper prints??

Yes, regular posters printed on paper are perfectly fine to frame. However, if your poster is going into an area which contains a lot of moisture/condensation (e.g. swimming pool) then we'd recommend either laminating your poster or printing directly onto PVC paper. By doing this you'll ensure that your prints don't wrinkle and your inks don't run.

Why are PVC covers used?

Our flexible PVC covers are perfect for this type of frame because they're resilient to scratching and damage during switch-overs.

The cover also serves to protect the posters from both UV rays which cause inks to fade in sunlight, as well as to reduce the harmful effects of moisture.

How do I fix snap frames to the wall?

When you buy snap frames they arrive pre-drilled. In order to affix the frame to your wall you'll need either plastic Rawlplugs (permanent) or a special adhesive tape such as Command hanging strips.

For information regarding hanging the fixings supplied, please view the specific product page of the particular item you're interested in.

What makes your snap frames 'better'

Snaps open on a spring hinge that serves to keep the prints locked into place. The springs used in our snap frames are high strength and more durable than those found in alternative products, which helps to keep your prints flat within the frame.

The corners on our snap frames have been carefully mitred to ensure that where the two aluminium sides meet, there's an almost seamless gap. This helps to elevate the perceived premium look and feel of your posters.

The superior rear insert and PVC covers used are designed to withstand constant use for years, helping to prevent wear and tear on your frames and posters over time.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

Absolutely. Our generous quantity discount structure can be seen here.

Happiness Guarantee

We want you to love your frames. If you aren't happy with your purchase for whatever reason, you can return it, simple.

Popular Sizes

We stock quality snap frames to suit all the standard paper sizes from A5 through to A0.