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in a range of many colours, textures and styles

Single Opening Mount

Single Opening Mounts

Any size. Any style. Millions of combinations of mounts and picture frames. Made by us, for your requirements. Find the perfect mount - any size, colour or style today.

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Multi Opening Mount

Multi Opening Mounts

Popular standard sizes such as A4, 10" x 8" and 50cm x 50cm mounts in various layouts and colours. Customise your multi opening mount; it helps add a little something extra to your picture.

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Mount Spotlight: What mounts designs (colours,
textures and layers) are available?

Art Boards

We have a range of great value boards to help protect and position your pictures, photos and posters. Each board is customisable to the size you need.

Self Adhesive Barrier Board
Frame Corners

Mount Styles

Layer up, add a 'V' Groove or keep in simple,
our range of mount styles give you the power

No Mount

For various reasons some people choose not to have a mount. You can order frames completely mount free should your heart desire.


A single mount is the simplest and most affordable decoration and will help to foxus the eye on the artwork.


A Double Mount provides an inner border around the artwork. General advice is to choose a darker, contrasting colour to the top mount, and one that also complements the colours in your artwork

Single with ‘V’ Groove

A 'V' Groove adds a little flair to the mount design. A small, double cut is made into the mount board to create a subtle line around the edge of the opening.

Double with ‘V’ Groove

A truly beautiful mount that has some exquisite detailing, helping to complement your picture in a very striking way.

Luxury Deep Single

The added depth helps to lead the eye into the picture and can dramatically enhance the overall appearance by introducing a 3D element into your design.

Luxury Deep Double

Add a unique style favoured by photographers and designers this technique layers a normal thickness mount on top of an extra thick mount to create a wonderful 3D effect.

Luxury Deep Double with ‘V’ Groove

The ultimate mount for those wanting the most impressive design. This distinctive style is guaranteed to amaze all who come across it.

Core Colours & Finishes

Simply changing the core colour or finish can
produce highly striking results

Changing the Offset

Offsets allow you to alter the degree to
which the bottom mount is revealed

Choice of mounts

We have a wide range of mount colours available for you to choose. Each one is cut on-site using the very best computerised equipment to ensure accuracy. Additionally, please browse around and have alook at our multi mounts which have many openings to take all sizes of photos.

Our quality

All of the mounts we offer are manufactured from high quality materials so the 45 degree bevelled-edge is guaranteed not to discolour over time, unlike the inferior 'standard' mounts available elsewhere.

Once you've chosen your mount, don't forget to have a look at our enormous range of high quality picture frames.

Large scale

We are specialist large scale manufacturers and are able to quote for regular business in the order of tens of thousands of mounts annually. Why not give us a call today to chat through your requirements?

In the mount descriptions, you will see that we have also indicated whether or not that particular mount is suitable for conservation work.

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