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Frequently asked questions


How do I measure for a picture frame?

Measuring frames accurately is an important step in finding the right size and style of frame for your artwork or photograph. We have a measuring guide to help.

By measuring the frame accurately, you can ensure that you find a frame that fits your artwork properly and looks great in your home or office.

All sizes refer to the inside dimension of a frame (the opening). For example, if your artwork is 8x10", you'll need to order an 8"x10" frame. Please note that frames will overlap the edges of an image slightly.

Sizes do not relate to the dimensions of the width and height of a frame's outside edges.


What's the difference between custom and standard sizes?

Standard Sizes

Standard sizes refer to sizes that are commonly used and widely accepted as being a standard or normal size for a printing or producing artwork on. The use of standard sizes can make it easier to find a frame for your art.

There are dozens of standard artwork sizes, all of which are based on the size of the picture or artwork that will be placed in the frame. Our chart of standard sizes lists them all. You can still customise the look and feel of your frame after selecting one of these popular sizes.

  • 4x6 inches: This size is commonly used for small prints, photographs, and artwork.
  • 5x7 inches: This size is a popular choice for photographs and small artwork.
  • 11x14 inches: This size is a good choice for medium-sized artwork, such as prints and drawings.
  • 16x20 inches: This size is often used for larger artwork, such as paintings and larger prints.
  • 20x24 inches: This size is a popular choice for large artwork and prints.

These are just a few of the many standard sizes that are available for picture frames. There are lots more and the size appropriate for you will depend on the dimensions and proportions of the artwork that you want to frame.

A very popular set of standard sizes in the UK are the "A" series of paper sizes, such as A4 or A2. We have a handy guide all about "A" paper sizes too.

Custom Sizes

Custom sizes refer to frames that are made in sizes that are not part of the standard size range. Custom frames can be made to fit a specific size or aspect ratio of artwork, or they can be made to fit a specific space on your wall.

Custom frames can be made to fit artwork that is larger or smaller than the standard sizes, or they can be made to fit artwork that has an unusual aspect ratio.

They are made to order, however, there is absolutely no price premium if you order a custom frame size with eFrame.


Which comes first, width or height?

Picture frame measurements are displayed width by height. So if you have a 30 x 60cm landscape photo, then your frame size would be 60 x 30cm.


My art is larger than your website allows. What can I do?

By ordering large picture frames online (up to 1200mm), you can find a frame that is the perfect size and style for your artwork, and enjoy the convenience and selection that online shopping has to offer. Whether it's an oversize custom frame or extra-large standard size, we can help. Just enter or filter by the size you need.

However, it can be a bit more challenging to find frames that are the appropriate size and style for larger pieces. So we have some top tips for framing large artwork.

Our own in-house delivery team can safely deliver frames larger than 1200mm throughout the UK. Contact sales and get a custom quote to get a price for framing pieces bigger than this.


What are images measured in?

Typically measurements are provided in millimeters, because this allows our framers to manufacture frames with great accuracy. However, to make shopping simple, we also allow you to choose sizes in inches.


Will my entire picture be visible once framed?

Unless you order a clip frame, the outer edges of your picture will be covered by the frame lip or mount overlap by about five to ten millimeters. This is to prevent the inner contents falling through the frame.

If you need a frame making to the artwork's visual size, please talk to our friendly sales & design team before ordering.

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Do I have to measure accurately?

It's important that you enter your artwork dimensions accurately. Correct measurements are critical to getting the right frames for your photos and artwork.

Always double check your measurements.

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Can I order literally any size frame?

Within reason, yes. As custom framers we can make a frame to fit everything from cute little postcards to monster size posters (& everything in between).


Should I consider viewing distance?

Viewing distance refers to the distance at which an artwork or other visual element will be viewed by an audience. Viewing distance can be an important factor to consider when choosing the size of artwork at the beginning.

If an artwork is going to be viewed from a close distance, it may be appropriate to choose a smaller size. This can help ensure that the details of the artwork are visible and that the viewer can see the entire piece comfortably. On the other hand, if the artwork will be viewed from a distance, a larger frame or artwork size may be more appropriate. This can help prevent the artwork from appearing too small or insignificant in the space.

It's important to consider the intended viewing distance when selecting a frame size, as the size of the frame can have a big impact on the overall appearance of the artwork. A frame that is too large or too small for the viewing distance can distract from the artwork or make it difficult to view comfortably.