How To
Clean Glass Picture Frames

From time to time, dust and fingerprints can collect on the glass. This, in turn, can distract you from your framed picture and ruin the look of your display. Fortunately, cleaning glass is simple, as our step-by-step guide below shows.

This guide is for frames supplied with 2mm float glass. If your frame contains Clarity+ acrylic, it requires a different cleaning method. Read how to clean an acrylic fitted picture frame instead.

Before You Start

Unlike cleaning acrylic front frames, you should use a glass cleaning spray to help banish dirt, streaks and smudges. This will help to give your frames' glazing a crystal clear finish. For tips on choosing the right glazing for you, click here.

Cleaning your glass should take no longer than 1 minute.

You Will Need

  • Your glass - most of the time, you'll just need to clean the front of your glass as dust gathers. If, however, you need to clean both sides, you'll need to remove it from your frame.
  • Glass cleaning solution like Bohle Pro Glass Cleaner
  • Microfibre cloth X 2

Health & Safety

  • We recommend removing the entire frame from your wall before cleaning to remove the risk of it accidentally falling and shattering
  • The edges and corners will be sharp if you take the glass out of the frame. Take extra care when handing sheets of glass outside of the frame

Cleaning Your Glass

  1. Take your cloth and apply the glass cleaner directly to the fabric; doing so onto the cloth rather than onto the glass will prevent overspray. You don't want to risk the liquid seeping between the edges of your glass and the frame.
  2. Now apply the damp cloth to the glazing and wipe gently across the surface in round, circular motions, removing the dirt as you go. Make sure you get into the corners.
  3. Once you are satisfied that the glazing of the picture frame is clean, take the dry cloth and wipe off any remaining solution. Please note, never use kitchen roll to clean your glazing as this will leave small bits of debris.
  4. If you've removed the glass or the frame from the wall, refit and hang.