Easy & Elegant Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is nearly here and it’s the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation. Framing something personal (whether it's a digital photo or their favourite cooking recipe) is an easy and thoughtful gift. To get you started we've put together a list of our favourite things to frame.

Nostalgic Throwback

If you can get hold of some old photos from your mum’s younger years it would open up the possibility of creating a multi opening frame. You can fill the frame with images from your mum’s past (think throwback photos, early family imagery, or past adventures abroad). Look for the photos that’ll bring back their favourite memories.

If you wish to get really creative you can sketch a design and our team of skilled framers will craft the desired openings you require.

Old family photos framed next to Rolleicord camera
Give the gift of memories by framing throwback photos

Digital Photos

We’ve made custom framing your favourite digital photos so easy. All you have to do is find your perfect frame and upload your photo direct from your phone, tablet or PC. You can can then see your image framed to make sure you’re happy. It only takes a few minutes, but is sure to bring a giant smile to mum’s face when March 31st arrives.

iPhone and frame with the same photo
Take mums favourite photo and frame it

The Staged Family Photo

Arguably the simplest idea of all, but one which will really work with the right frame choice. Great memories to frame can centre upon family holidays, weddings and graduations. Our online Frame Designer app gives you the freedom to create a frame worthy of your family pictures. You can tweak your frame and picture to your heart’s content.

Word Art & Poems

An inspiring poem or personalised piece of word art are great pieces to frame. This can be something with sentimental value or something that’s just plain funny. One of our favorite places to shop personalised art prints is Not On The High Street.

Framed word art, amazing mum
Personalised word art is a popular gift


Have a rummage through your collection of keepsakes and you’ll probably discover something worth framing. Keep an eye out for our favourite things to frame:

Mum’s Favourite Recipe

Perhaps you have fond memories of the apple crumble your mum used to make, or maybe you can happily recall baking cookies together. Grab an old school recipe card with a sentimental value to you both and get it framed. It’s a super simple idea, yet one that’s unlikely to replicated by many other people, giving it a little extra credence as a thoughtful gift.

Food recipe framed next to oven gloves and wooden spoon
Frame your mums favourite cake recipe. Added benefit – it might remind her to make them more often

Homemade Drawings & Art

Kids Drawings

Whilst it’s unlikely to worry Picasso, your kids art deserves more than a magnet and your fridge. In fact, it can look super-cool hung in a playroom or bedroom. Be playful yourself and frame it in something equally bright and interesting from our bright frames collection.

Her Art

Maybe mum’s a talented artist or you’ve managed to keep hold of some of her own drawings from Primary School? Now’s the perfect time to surprise your mum by presenting her with her own artwork, framed.

Holiday Postcard

Why not grab a postcard from a destination you both visited previously, even better if you have managed to keep an old postcard signed by your mum. If you don’t have an actual postcard, Betsy Benn offer beautiful postcard and travel themed prints.

Betsy Benn postcard print
Betsy Benn Framed Postcard Print

Gallery wall

We aren’t suggesting that you go out and buy all the frames and gather all prints for your gallery wall immediately. This can be the beginning of your journey; the starting focal point of the gallery wall you are looking to produce over time. Another plus with this long term gift planning is that it will remain a work in progress… solving gifting dilemmas for quite some time!

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