7 Trends We Love for Framing Art in 2023

Stay ahead of the curve and give your artwork a fresh look with these must-know framing trends for 2023. Explore the latest styles, materials, and techniques making waves in the art and framing world and get ready to let your art shine.

1. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Materials

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, it’s time for you to consider sustainable materials for your framing needs.

To ensure your frame is eco-friendly, research the materials used and opt for those with sustainable certifications. Choose from our range of FSC and PEFC mouldings to enhance your artwork while minimising your effect on the environment and forests. The benefits of choosing sustainable materials include reducing waste, conserving natural resources, and supporting ethical practices, like our tree planting initiative.

How do I know if my frame is eco-friendly?

To verify the sustainability of the materials used in a frame, look for our sustainable certification logos and eco-friendly labels like those below on product pages.

Other ways you can minimise your effect on the environment is to consider the following framing options:

  • Reclaimed wood: Salvaged from old buildings, barns, and other structures, reclaimed wood offers a rustic and unique look.
  • Bamboo: A fast-growing and renewable resource, bamboo is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional hardwoods.
  • Recycled metal: Made from post-consumer materials, recycled metal frames provide a modern and industrial aesthetic.
Ever more customers and businesses are looking for eco-friendly framing options

Is choosing an eco-friendly frame more expensive?

Eco-friendly framing options can sometimes be more expensive than traditional ones, but the benefits of supporting ethical practices and reducing environmental impact often outweighs the extra cost. To find out how to offset the extra costs associated with going green, we have a money-saving top tip guide.

2. Minimalist and Streamlined Designs

Showcase your art without distraction by selecting sleek, modern frames with clean lines, simple profiles and designs. This is where metal frames shine. They tend to boast narrow profiles, which makes them discreet.

You can also use neutral colours, like black and white, as well as smooth and simple finishes to emphasise an understated look.

What else should I consider when framing minimal artwork?

Minimalist frame styles, like thin metal and wood frames, work particularly well with abstract art. Try creating a simple gallery wall, sticking to a consistent colour palette and frame style, using grid layouts and evenly spaced arrangements.

3. Bold and Vibrant Colours

Make a statement with eye-catching frames in bold and vibrant colours, like those in our hand-picked colourful and bright collection. Select the perfect hue to complement your artwork, whether a pop of colour or a daring monochromatic look. Mix and match colours for a truly unique and dynamic display.

To choose the right frame colour, consider the dominant hues in your artwork and select a complementary or matching colour. The most popular colours for 2023 include earthy tones, jewel shades, and muted pastels. You could also try:

  • Contrasting colours: Choose frame colours that contrast with your artwork to create visual interest.
  • Monochromatic: Select a frame colour that matches your artwork for a sleek and modern look.
  • Colour blocking: Combine bold, contrasting colours to create a striking gallery wall.
Bright and colourful frames are on trend
Bright and colourful frames are on trend

4. Mixed Materials and Textures

Add depth and interest to your framed pieces by combining materials and textures. From metallic accents to wood grains, experiment with different picture frames to create a one-of-a-kind look that begs to be hung. Some of our favourite ideas include:

  • Metallic accents: Pair metallic frames with soft white mounts for an eclectic, sophisticated look.
  • Textured mounts: Use textured mounts to introduce interest and warmth to your framed artwork.
  • Gloss frames: Combine beautiful glossy frames for added depth and visual interest.

To achieve a harmonious balance with mixed materials, select textures that complement each other and don’t overpower your artwork. Consider your art style when choosing materials and textures, ensuring they enhance rather than detract from the piece.

5. Creative Use of Mounts

While choosing the right frame for your artwork is essential, using mounts can add that extra touch of elegance and sophistication. You can make your frame look more luxurious and expensive by experimenting with extra-wide borders or incorporating multiple layers. Here are some ideas on how to use mounts creatively:

Extra-Wide Borders

Extra-wide borders can create a dramatic effect and draw attention to your artwork. They can also give your piece a gallery-like appearance, making it stand out in any room. To achieve this look:

  • Customise your mount to include a wider border by selecting a “gallery mount” or by manually adjusting the borders in our mount design studio. Customised mounts with extra-wide borders will give your artwork breathing space and create a beautiful effect. Ensure borders are at least 80mm wide.
  • Choose a colour that complements or contrasts with your artwork to accentuate the piece.
  • Consider the overall dimensions of your framed piece, ensuring the extra-wide border doesn’t overpower your artwork. The bigger your picture and frame, the wider your mount borders should be.

Multiple Layers

Layering mounts is another creative way to add depth and a touch of sophistication to your framed artwork. You can achieve a luxurious look that enhances your art by using multiple mount layers. To create a multi-layered mount:

  • Choose two or more mounts in complementary colours or varying shades of the same colour for a subtle effect.
  • Experiment with different layers’ offsets to create visual interest.
  • Consider the overall thickness of the layers and ensure that the bottom layer is always deeper than the layer above.

By using mounts creatively, you can elevate the appearance of your frame and give your artwork the attention it deserves. So go ahead, think outside the box (or inside the frame), and explore new ways to make your framed piece look more expensive and eye-catching.

6. Timeless Colours

While it’s fun to experiment with the latest trends, sometimes you can go right with the tried-and-true classics. When it comes to framing, colours like black, white, and oak will always be in style, thanks to their versatility and timeless appeal.

  • Black frames: These sophisticated frames can suit any artwork and effortlessly blend with various interior design styles. They’re perfect for creating a bold statement and drawing attention to your art. We have a guide all about styling black frames.
  • White frames: Clean and crisp white frames offer a fresh, modern look that can brighten up any space. They’re ideal for complementing colourful or minimalist artwork and creating a basic gallery wall.
  • Oak frames: Offering warmth and natural beauty, oak frames bring an organic touch to your artwork. They work well with various styles, from traditional to contemporary, and can be easily integrated into most rooms.

No matter the current trends, you can always rely on these classic colours to provide a stylish and enduring frame for your treasured artwork.

If you find yourself stuck, just opt for a timeless classic
If you find yourself stuck, just opt for a timeless classic

7. Framing NFTs: Bringing Digital Art into the Physical World

As NFTs (non-fungible tokens) gain popularity in art, many collectors and enthusiasts are seeking ways to display their digital art in physical form.

Before printing and framing an NFT, make sure you consider the following:

  • High-quality printing: Choose a high-quality printing service that specialises in reproducing digital art. Opt for archival-quality paper and ink to ensure your NFT print remains vibrant and fade-resistant. Our print and frame service lets you upload and print digital images onto high-quality archival paper.
  • Custom framing: Select a custom frame that complements your NFT print, considering factors such as colour, material, and style.
  • Protective glazing: Preserve the quality of your NFT print by opting for protective glazings, such as our UV-resistant Clarity+ acrylic. UV-filtering glass will protect your print from fading and discolouration caused by sunlight.
Framing an NFT in a traditional picture frame
Framing NFT artwork is becoming increasingly popular

Bonus Tip: Oversize Statement Art

Another trend gaining traction in 2023 is the use of oversize statement art to create a focal point in your space. Large-scale pieces can make a bold impact and make your house look expensive. Here are some tips on how to incorporate big statement art into your home:

  • Choose the right piece: Select artwork that resonates with you and reflects your style. Consider the piece’s colours, subject matter, and style to ensure it complements your existing decor.
  • Consider the space: Ensure the artwork is proportionate to the wall or area where it will be displayed. Avoid overcrowding the space with too many other decorative elements, allowing your statement piece to take centre stage.
  • Frame it well: Invest in a high-quality frame that enhances the artwork without overpowering it. Consider the frame style, material, and colour to ensure it complements the piece and interior design. Our guide all about framing oversize art can help.
  • Placement is key: Hang your statement piece at eye level, ensuring it’s easily visible and can be appreciated from various vantage points within the room.

By embracing statement art, you can create a stunning visual focal point in your room and save money vs a gallery wall, transforming it into a stylish and high-end environment to live or work in.

Ready to Refresh Your Art?

Now that you’re equipped with the latest framing trends for 2023, it’s time to breathe new life into your artwork and transform your walls. Remember to consider sustainability, minimalism, bold colours, mixed materials, and unique mounts when selecting your frames. Whether you’re updating a single statement piece or creating an entirely new gallery wall, these trends will help you showcase your art in the most captivating and stylish way possible. Get started by trying our online framing service, which helps you frame the things you love, no matter the size or style.