Holiday Gift Guide

Its Christmas! With the festive season almost upon us, we thought we’d put together a few gift ideas to make sure this Christmas is as special as ever.

With many people looking forward to finally getting together and spending some time with their loved ones, it’s more important than ever to get the gifts right.

Why give a frame as a gift?

While a picture frame may seem like an unusual choice for some, it’s actually one of the easiest ways to give a gift that both captures your recipient’s personality as well as your relationship with one another. By gifting a frame, you gift the opportunity for your loved one to hang and frame their favourite artwork while also providing a visual reminder of your friendship that’s now a part of their home.

Another reason why frames make such great gifts is their ability to transform a space; sometimes, a well-placed frame can make the difference between a stunning, eye-catching interior or, instead, an average unflattering one. This transformation ability comes at a much lower cost than other methods, such as painting walls or adding furniture, so by gifting your loved one a frame, you’re gifting a powerful interior design tool, especially if they have any particular interest in art, photography, travel etc.

Gifts for artists

What higher praise can there be for an artist than receiving a quality frame to showcase their work? If you have a loved one who enjoys creating artwork, whether it’s doodling or an oil painting, a picture frame that fits their medium size is the ideal present. It can help make their artworks look more professional, turning their hobby into a true craft, and show them your appreciation of their art. When looking for frames for artists, make sure to pick a frame in a size that will fit their work; for example, if they tend to draw on standard paper, you will want to ensure you get an A4 frame. Many companies like us even offer picture fitting, so for the ultimate surprise, you could send their art away to get fitted in their new frame before being delivered, ready to hang.

Gifts to remember trips and travel

The last few years have been particularly hard on those who love to travel, so if you know someone who has been desperately waiting to get back on the move, a frame is a perfect gift. With a range of different styles and techniques, multiple travel pictures can be displayed in a frame arrangement, perfect for reflecting on past expeditions while looking forward to the future.

Gallery wall displays are very popular with interior designers, as they allow for many pictures to be framed and hung together, creating a stunning display. This is often achieved through multiple smaller frames, which can all be the same style or an eclectic mix, and would give your loved one ample opportunity to display their most treasured moments. A multi-aperture frame provides the same versatility of holding more than one image at a time, but they are all contained within one frame, which lowers costs and also makes it easier to position and hang. Either way, you’ll be gifting a canvas waiting to be filled with happy memories; remember to make sure the frame accommodates standard sizes (e.g. 6×4″).

Gifts for kids

Children are notoriously difficult to buy for, thanks to their rapidly changing interests and the constantly changing world of technology and pop culture. While a picture frame may seem like an unusual choice, a large poster in a kids’ room is the perfect way to add a touch of personality while being easily changed whenever their interests change. Remove the previous poster and insert a new one to keep the frame relevant and appealing. While colourful frames are a great choice for a kids’ room, a lot of our black and white frames are also an excellent choice as not only do they look stunning, but they also are highly versatile. They will work with various colour schemes and artwork styles thanks to their neutral designs.

Contemporary gifts

If you’re looking for a frame that might suit your loved one’s trendy interior, we offer a wide range of frames that can suit any modern space. Picking a frame for someone else’s interior can be tricky, so take a look around their space and try to stick to what you see, look for the palette of colours they’ve chosen and the types of materials and textures they favour. For maximum versatility, we’d recommend sticking with a slim flat profile and a neutral tone, such as black, white, natural wood etc. These frames favour a minimalist style, which helps them blend into a variety of spaces as well as showcase a range of art styles beautifully.

Traditional gifts

For loved ones who have a home decorated with traditional adornments, why not gift an ornate traditional frame for the ultimate seasonal memento? We offer a wide variety of traditionally styled frames, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one that matches their interior. Just make sure to consider wood tones, metallic tones and styles. Some of our larger, more sturdy frames would work brilliantly as a large statement piece, while some of our more subtle designs would be better suited for smaller artworks.

Hopefully, our guide has given you a few Christmas gift ideas, but if you need more information about the frames and services we provide, or even advice on particular styles, get in touch with our customer service team. They will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.