7 DIY Framing Ideas For The August Bank Holiday

We have assembled a list of our favourite ways to get creative with framing this Bank Holiday weekend. Without further ado, read on to discover some of our top DIY tips for framing. Some are extremely simple, whilst others are rather elaborate…

The final Bank holiday has arrived and with it the last annual long weekend of the year. The bank holiday is seen as the ideal time to get those odds jobs started (and hopefully finished) within the home. We believe it also represents the perfect opportunity to finally frame those pictures which have been lying in storage. With the extra couple of days in the bank, it could be the perfect time to raid the archives and frame those prints.

Below we list some relatively simple DIY framing tips to trial this weekend, Happy framing everyone…Don’t forget to share your projects with us by using the hashtag #FramedMoment.
From Phone to Frame

1. From phone to frame in moments…

With a bit of extra time to spare this weekend, why not utilise our frame designer and take a moment to browse through your favourite camera roll imagery. Using our frame designer, you can upload a photo and see it within a potential frame in minutes! All you then need to do is place your order, wait for it to arrive, and hang it up during the bank holiday! Did we mention that we are doing free delivery at the minute as well…?

That Awkward Poster

2. Awkward posters to measure…

Perhaps you’ve got some posters you’ve been meaning to frame, or maybe you’ve been putting of framing that piece of wall art due to its awkward measurements. There is no better time to crack out the tape ruler and collect your measurements and order some frames. Please feel free to check out our how to measure video for expert guidance on measuring your beloved piece of artwork. It’s much simpler than you may believe to frame a custom image.

Alternatively, you may be looking for inspiration on what kind of posters to frame, another area we may be able to assist… Ink and Drop is a fantastic resource of vibrant prints, we have worked with many influencers who have used their services and their artwork is always breath-taking in our picture frames. We have also worked with talented individuals such as Peter Dean of Kite Print. Peter, along with the help of some friends, skillfully recreated an iconic poster which Beatles Legends John Lennon and Paul McCartney took inspiration from when writing the lyrics For the benefit of Mr Kite!

eFrame Gallery Wall with Instagram Influencer HomeAtTheHeathfield

3. Gallery Wall creation…

This could be the ideal moment to start that gallery wall which has long been in the planning…

With the extra days in the bank, why not get started on this endeavour. Decide upon your images, work out how to position the frames, and start constructing your perfect gallery wall. If you are struggling for inspiration, or aren’t entirely sure what you need to do, check out the fantastic page of @HomeAtTheHeathfield which details how to go about creating your dream gallery wall. Click on the gallery wall highlights icon..
How To Mount Your Art

4. Mount your art at home…

Whilst we can mount on-site at our HQ, there may be those of you looking to mount your own picture as a project. We have created a How-To mount guide which covers all the fundamentals when it comes to mounting your artwork. You will need mounting tape, your picture and of course the frame!

To discover more information on “How To” videos click here.

Create an Instagram inspired frame

5. Create an Instagram inspired frame…

We recently teamed up with the talented team at Little House On The Corner and if you want a project which will prove a real labour of love and take a little more time, check out their life-size Instagram frame which is extremely bespoke and takes advantage of multi-openings to create a real-life Instagram board.

After all, with so much of our precious memories now stored on the sharing platform, it makes sense to try create a physical copy of these pictures. The concept is simple, like on Instagram your images are displayed within a grid, rather than this grid being digital it is a physical collection of images which can be framed on the wall.
Cave Of Pixels

6. Pixel art perfectly framed…

What is pixel art we hear you say? Well, we teamed up with Iain from Cave of Pixels who uses beads to create unique works of art which have a resemblance to famous cultural figures, check out his gallery by clicking here.

If you would like to try to recreate this type of design, simply pick your frame from our website, and take inspiration from Iain, in his own words “I soon realised that the only thing you really need to be a pixel bead artist is patience. By the bucketload. Ok, creativity and attention to detail helps a lot too!” Give it a go and let us know how you get on!
Create a retro gaming picture frame

7. Create a retro gaming picture frame…

Social media is a funny place, isn’t it? You can stumble across some truly amazing ideas and inspiration and that’s exactly what we found with Connor’s #FramedMoment. Reaching out on our Instagram channel we were so impressed with the effort Connor had gone to frame his childhood Nintendo Gameboy and Pokémon cartridges that we simply had to get in contact to discover how he achieved it.

Keep your eyes peeled for the full overview on how Connor achieved his creation. Yet another way of getting creative with framing. Should you have any further questions on framing, check out our entire How-To section which is designed to answer any queries you may have. We have done our utmost to take the stress out of framing.