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Shopping For Frames By Colour

As you may have noticed, there are several ways to shop on the eFRAME website. Shopping for frames by colour is one, because we realise that many customers have difficulty finding the frame colour they need. We make this easy by listing every colour family available in each of our different types of frames. Whether you want a ready made frame or a custom frame made from metal or wood, you can find it by colour.

Ready Made Frame Colours

Ready made frames are pre-manufactured, come in many popular dimensions, and include various coloured accents. If you have a standard size print, photo, artwork, or document, explore the different options in our ready made frame collection. Your choices are many, ranging from black, white, and stained wood, to green, blue, red, and yellow. Select the desired family and then review the assortment of ready made frames within it.

Custom Frame Colours

If you need a custom frame, the eFRAME website is the place to shop. We custom make metal and wood frames in any size. Explore metal frames in red, blue, bronze, green, gold, silver, and black. When you click on the colour name, you are presented with a page containing images and descriptions of the appropriate frames. Click on an image to pull up its product page, and then select a standard or bespoke size and additional features to complete your order.

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