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Are you looking for frames to suit your Scandinavian style home? Our range of simple, contemporary and calm picture frame designs will help you complete the look.

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Inspired by lakes, pine trees and watercolour skies. You'll need frames that feature natural materials and calming colours.

The Scandinavian trend is, first and foremost, clean design. It blends textures and soft hues to make modern-looking spaces feel warm and friendly. It's a tricky balancing act, though: maintaining restraint with your decor choices and keeping it feeling cosy.

Fortunately, our range of Nordic-inspired frame styles makes framing your art a no-brainer.

"Refined and simple. Curves with natural tones and subtle contrasts."

"Black helps to anchor and highlight features in the room, like art"

- Aaron Magnus,
Scandinavian wall paint colours

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Your choice of colour can go two ways. Your first option is to use pastel tones & whites to create a sense of calm. Light natural woods such as beech, pine and ash can have the same effect.

Alternatively, you can stick with black & grey. Pairing crisp white walls with monochrome feature pieces creates a bold, eye-catching and yet still homely feel.

Textures & Patterns

Make sure that any pillows, curtains and throws have a rough texture to create a more inviting scene. Modern light fixings and bold artwork will complete the look. Opt for mounts with a textured finish, such as iced white or snow-white, to complement the extensive use of cotton and linen throughout the space.

Art Styles

Choosing the right art is essential for creating a sense of well-being. Opt for botanicals, line drawings, geometric patterns and pastel-coloured landscapes to complete your inviting, relaxing space.


Botanical art combines science and art; it encompasses a range of styles and examines the form of botanical subjects. Botanical work aims to communicate the structure of plants to the viewer in an aesthetically pleasing manner. The subject plant is always the prominent feature of the piece. The artwork is often in colour and displayed on a plain background to make it more impactful.


This type of art has remained an enduring design for a significant time. It is based upon a form of abstract art which uses geometric shapes to characterise both people and objects within its narrative. The genre started gaining mainstream traction from avant-garde artists in the early twentieth century, though the art discipline has been present in culture since ancient times.

Line Drawings

Line drawings are as old as human endeavour and the birth of the pencil. They consist of distinct lines against a primarily solid background. The image can be two or three dimensional, beautifully enhanced by a stand out picture frame.

Alvar Aalto


Scandi design can be traced back to the Finish architect and designer Alvar Aalto during the 1950s. It appreciates craftsmanship and showcases an understated elegance that enhances the overall design.

Emboldened by the Bauhaus art schools, proportion and balance are considered all-important in both individual pieces and how an entire room comes together.

Scandi design melds circles, curves and linear geometry in truly fascinating ways. It juxtaposes smooth and rough, soft and hard, shiny and worn, light and dark. This is one particular design trend for clean and minimalistic seeking individuals that will never go out of style.