Custom Wood Frames By Colour

This is where you will find all of our wood frames organised by colour.

Black Silver/Pewter Dark Wood
Light Wood Natural/Unstained Gold
Green White/Cream Bronze
Red/Pink Blue Yellow

Hundreds of Frames at Your Fingertips

Did you ever know exactly what you needed but had difficulty finding it anywhere? You search high and low, driving to every shop in the area, but alas, you cannot find it. Well, if you are looking for a made-to-measure wood frame, then look no further because we have hundreds of them! Our wood frames come in more than 500 colours and styles and can be customized to any size.


If colour has proven challenging when shopping for a frame, rest assured that it will no longer be an issue. Our frames come in natural wood as well as a light or dark finish, but these are just the beginning. Wooden frames are available in all the classic and popular colours that consumers desire. Black, silver, gold, white, bronze, reds, blues, yellows, and greens; they are all here. Shopping by colour is easy because this page categorises frames into colour family. Simply choose one above and view all the frames available in any size.

Quality. Quality. Quality.

Some framing companies use plastic wood, which allows them to keep their costs low in order to earn huge profit margins. We have chosen not to go that route, and so use only the best materials and equipment. We employ trained framers and use strict standards of quality control. Each frame is made in the UK and is signed on the back indicating that it has been repeatedly checked for imperfections prior to shipment.

Choosing the Right Frame

Begin the frame selection process by clicking on the desired colour above. You will be taken to a page that contains images of each frame in that colour family. Multiple images are available for each frame so you can see the entire structure in sections. Beneath the main image is a section containing finish, face width, and other details. Review this to find the desired frame or narrow the selection by choosing the width or shape of the frame.

We Make the Frame to Fit

Once you have located a preferred frame, select whether you want a mount. You will be taken to a page featuring a larger image of the selected frame. You may now choose a standard or custom size for the frame. Review standard sizes in inches, centimeters, or A sizes. Our experts will make sure the frame and any mount will fit the size you select.

If a standard size frame is not available in your desired dimensions, click the custom size tab. Enter the height and width of the item to be framed so our framers can build the product to exact specifications. We automatically make the mount opening slightly smaller to achieve a perfect fit. If this is undesirable, use our Online Design Studio to customise all dimensions (by clicking More Options). Each of our custom wood frames comes with glazing, an MDF back, and hanging accessories.

All That's Left is to Hang It

Orders may be shipped in as little as five to seven working days, but 24 to 48-hour priority service is also available. When your new wood frame arrives, it will be ready to display your art, prints, photos, posters or documents, adding a beautiful accent to your home or office.

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