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What frame size should I buy?

You've measured your picture and are ready to order a frame... but what size should you buy? When browsing for the correct picture frame size, consider two measurements: art height and art width. Occasionally, if you're framing a deep item, you may need to consider the rebate depth too.

You should choose the size that most closely matches the size of your picture. The height and width refers to the dimensions of your artwork, as we'll make a frame to fit the picture. Luckily, almost all of our frames are available in both made to measure and ready-made sizes. That means you can either enter your own custom size or choose from a list of standard sizes.

Good to know

If you want to know exactly how big the frame is on the wall (useful for gallery wall projects) you can refer to the "estimated outside frame size" detail on the product page. This means the frame or mount will cover the edges of your picture by a few mm on each edge. The sizes listed on this site never refer to the outside dimensions of a frame. If you would like to order based on the external size or visual size then please contact us.

How it Works

Online custom framing made truly simple

  • Measure your picture Simply take the height and width measurements of your picture or piece you want to frame.
  • Enter your measurements Input your sizes online to see all our made to measure frames at amazing prices direct from us.
  • Find your perfect frames Explore and customise our huge collection of frames to create something uniquely your own!
  • Fit and hang Your personalised frame is shipped in just business days for you to fit your picture.

Frequently asked questions


Should I use a silver frame for black and white photos?

Our designers happen to love pairing monochromatic and black and white photos with silver frames. What's more - we think these frames will always be on-trend, just like black and white pictures. With so many shades of silver to choose from, ranging from heavily distressed to super-shiny, these frames will stand the test of time - which makes investing into black and white art all the more appealing.


What tips do you have for choosing a silver coloured frame?

Selecting the right colour frame can genuinely make or break your picture and space. So if you choose a frame that closest matches the undertones of your artwork. It's these undertones that hold the key to creating a cohesive look that complements your picture rather than distracts you from it. True silver frames with cool undertones pair really well with blue, while champagne silver frames with gold elements set off warmer coloured pictures and photos. If you're struggling to find a silver frame you like, you might have more luck with our grey frames.


Do you sell large silver picture frames?

If you've got a super-sized piece of art or an oversized photo print, one of our made to measure silver frames will not only dress up your item but your entire room. That’s why choosing the perfect one should never be an afterthought. Fortunately, our substantial collection of styles makes finding the right frame for your large picture an easy task. Just tell us the size you need, and we'll custom make something that fits perfectly.


How much will it cost to get something framed?

Looking to frame your art, but struggling to understand what it'll cost? Traditionally, framing was seen as a notoriously pricey service reserved for art aficionados and the wealthy. Fast forward to today and custom framing has become a cost-effective way to breathe new life into your interior without breaking the bank. But how can the price of a frame vary so much? There are several factors that affect the overall price you pay.


Let's start with the obvious. A 20 x 30cm frame will cost less than a 100 x 70cm frame. The bigger the frame, the more expensive it becomes because we have to use more materials. It's also important to note that we don't distinguish between standard "off-the-shelf" sizes and bespoke sizes. All frames are made here, in the UK, in the same way.

Online vs. High St.

With the premium prices seen in high street framers, it's no wonder a lot of people have suffered from sticker shock; leading customers to wrongly assume that all custom framing is expensive. As an online manufacturer, we don't pay for expensive retail space and instead, invest in streamlining production processes. This means we can afford to reduce the cost of framing substantially and pass the savings onto you.


3 key materials go into making a made to measure frame. There's the moulding (that's the bit most people think as the frame itself, which can be plain, highly decorative and everything in between), glazing (either UV acrylic or 2mm float glass), and, depending on whether you choose one or not, the mountboard (a card insert with a window opening designed to enhance the overall look of your framed piece).

Generally speaking, the simpler and narrower the moulding, the less expensive it will be. But there are other factors too, like which material is your moulding made from. For instance, solid oak is more expensive than pine.

The default glazing we use in our custom frames is an ultra-high quality UV resistant perspex that's enjoyed by galleries, photographers and artists alike. We call this our Clarity+ Acrylic and not only is it beautiful to look at, but it's also strong and transports a lot easier than glass. If however, you choose to order our 2mm float glass, we have to build in additional costs for enhanced packaging (to keep it from breaking when shipped).

As we mentioned, mounts are designed to increase the 'wow factor' of your framed picture whilst helping to preserve your picture for longer. They do however increase the price of a frame. If you want a mount, but want to stick to a lower price point, then choose a basic mount.

Quantity discounts

If you're ordering more than 1 of the same frame, you can benefit from our quantity discounts. They're automatically calculated and applied in your basket.


What are custom frames?

With custom frames, you can choose the exact size, style, and colour you need to display your photo or artwork perfectly.


Can you frame my picture for me?

Absolutely. There are two ways you can do this:

1) We Print - If you have a digital photo or art file, simply upload it and choose your frame style. We'll then print and custom frame it before shipping it to you framed and ready to hang.

2) You Post It - Ship us your physical artwork via courier, and upon receipt, we'll professionally frame it for you before sending it back, ready to hang.


What is Clarity+ glazing?

It comes standard with our custom frames. Although this material is more expensive than glass, it's used in your frame because it offers superior UV protection, is far safer and is beautifully clear.


Can I design a frame online?

The Frame Design Studio is an easy to use online tool that gives you the same number of options as you'd have in your local framer.

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