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Popular Sizes

You've printed your most cherished memories, now share them in our range of popular size multi photo frames.

Many Photos. One Frame.

Don't print your memories and then hide them away! Share your most treasured photo prints by turning them into beautiful framed wall art. Simply order your multi opening frame and position your prints within the pre-cut openings.

Display Your Favourites

It's easy to celebrate a collection of your best moments. Frame between 2 and 9 photos using our stunning range of multi photo templates . Alternatively, send us a custom layout and we'll bring it to life for you.

We hand make our collage frames here in the UK. Your frames are made using only the finest materials and our Clarity+ glazing ensures that your prints look crystal clear and pin-sharp.

Choose Openings

Find the perfect layout, then choose a frame

Photo Size
No. of Openings Orientation Custom Framing Custom Mounting
Holds 2 PhotosPopular
Title openings also available
Holds 3 PhotosPopular Portrait/Landscape
Holds 4 Photos Portrait/Landscape
Holds 5 Photos Portrait/Landscape
Holds 6 Photos Portrait/Landscape
7 Openings (Quote)
Online templates not available. Send us a brief of what you need instead.
8 Openings (Quote)
Online templates not available. Send us a brief of what you need instead.
Holds 9 Photos Portrait/Landscape
Opening Size Orientation Custom Framing Custom Mounting
Holds 4 x 6" PhotosPopular Portrait/Landscape
Holds 5 x 5" Photos Square
Holds 5 x 7" PhotosPopular Portrait/Landscape
Holds 6 x 8" Photos Portrait/Landscape
Holds 8 x 8" Photos Square
Holds 10 x 8" PhotosPopular Portrait/Landscape
Holds 12" x 10" Photos Portrait
Holds 12" x 16" Photos Landscape
Holds A5 Photos Portrait/Landscape
Holds A4 PhotosPopular Portrait/Landscape
Holds A3 Photos Portrait/Landscape
Title Openings
Perfect for certificates. Single A size opening (e.g. A4) with a centered title opening directly beneath.

If you have large volume requirements our quantity discount structure may apply to your order.

Popular Questions

What are multi photo frames?

Multi photo frames or 'collage frames' are framed mounts, which contain multiple openings or 'apertures' that enable you to display several pictures neatly within one frame.

How do I position the photos?

Positioning your pictures is easy. Simply remove the MDF backing of your frame and situate your photos within their respective openings. Use framing tape to secure these photos in place and replace the MDF backing.

What is Clarity+ glazing?

Clarity+ glazing is our own brand of high quality plexiglas. Unlike other frames found online our unique Clarity+ glazing doesn't scratch easy, has a high UV resistance and doesn't yellow over time, so there's less to distract you from your picture. 2mm float glass is also available to order online.

How do I secure photos?

We always suggest fixing your photos in place using framing or sellotape. Sandwiching your picture between the mount and back will not suffice.

Can I remove the mount and use the frame on its own for a single picture?

Yes. This is a great option for the future where you can upcycle or change your display without needing to buy a new frame. Please note however that we don't always provide the external dimensions of the mount.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

Absolutely. Our generous quantity discount structure can be seen here.

Can I change the style or frame and mount?

Yes, our core business is custom framing. Create your perfect multi photo frame with over 600 frame and 100's of mount options to choose from.