eFRAME | Sending us a custom multi-opening mount drawing

Custom Designed Mounts

If we don't have a mount design that fits your
requirements we can create one based on your drawings

We can create custom designed multi-opening mounts, we'll just need a rough diagram which indicates how you'd like the mount to be laid out, along with a few measurements. This page details how to do that. Please provide all measurements in mm.

If this mount is to go into a frame that you already own please also provide us with external dimensions of the mount. These dimensions should be identical to your existing glazing or backing board dimensions.

Opening size

We need to know the dimensions of each of the openings through which the items you're framing will be seen. We need to know the height and width of this opening. Remember, the size you give us is the size we will cut, so make sure that the opening is slightly smaller than the picture that you're framing or it will fall through the hole!

Gaps between each opening

We will also need the measurements of the distance between the openings.

Distance between opening and edge

We will require the distance between the opening and the edge of the mount.

Customer Example

Here's a great example of what we need
in order to create an accurate reproduction

Send It

Once you've completed your diagram please send it by
using the upload form found below.

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