Holding a framed wedding picture

Framing Your
Wedding Photos

Relive your best day, everyday by framing your favourite wedding photos. You're going to need some stylish ideas to commemorate your journey so we've rounded up some of our prettiest frames, perfect for framing your wedding pictures.



It's exciting - getting to view your wedding photos for the first time, but what use are they sat on a flash drive?

For a new couple, printing and framing these photos is a wonderful way to bring them to life. Pairing moments together and telling the story using a series of gallery walls or hanging a single large framed picture in a prime location are popular ways to share the memories with friends and family.

However, before you jump straight into browsing all the beautiful picture frames styles we have, it pays to do a little preparation.


You and your photographer may have discussed the must-have shots before the day, but once the dust has settled and you've received photos back, how do you choose the ones you want to display? There's an art to assembling a list of pictures to have framed, with lots of things to take into account. Here are our tips for selecting your dream photos for framing.

Trust Your Gut & Pick Your Favourites

First of all, do yourself a favour and go through the hundreds (if not thousands) of amazing pictures together and whittle down the collection so it just contains your top 20 absolute favourites. Next, select another 30 or so key photos which are spread throughout the entire day. Try to include scene-setters and photos of your closest family and friends. By curating a subset of images up-front, you'll save yourself a lot of time and ensure you don't miss any of your favourites.

Colour vs. Black and White

Generally speaking, there's no rule for choosing between full colour or black and white photos. It depends on your tastes, your decor and the wedding itself. With that said you'll want to reflect the emotion and atmosphere experienced on the day; if the wedding was a colourful event, we'd recommend capturing this in the photography. If your wedding was more traditional or minimal, printing and framing black and white photos might be more your thing. Mixing the two types can also work well in a relaxed gallery wall style.

The Big Moments

From makeup and cake cutting to the first kiss - there are certain must-have shots that help to tell the story of your day. Here's our checklist of essential moments to include:

  • Bride & Groom Getting Ready
  • Scene Setters - Day Event
  • First Look
  • Walking Down the Aisle
  • Couple Close-Ups
  • First Kiss
  • Exchange of Rings
  • Portraits of Key People
  • Portraits of the Couple
  • The Family
  • Scene Setters - Reception
  • Toasts
  • First Dance
  • Bouquet Toss
  • Party Time
  • The Couples Exit

If you feel like your initial selection is missing any of these critical items, go back and try to include some.

Work Smart

If you've already curated a bunch of images for say, your wedding album, then there's no shame in framing the same photos. Because let's face it, there's a sacredness to your wedding albums, meaning they usually end up in a cupboard under lock and key! So frame the photos from your wedding album that you feel the strongest connection with and save yourself a heap of time in the process.

Think Aesthetically

If you're creating a more structured gallery wall, you'll want to consider the orientation and colour of your photos relative to the images immediately around it. Focus on details and moments that pair well together and choose a layout that suits your photos. If however, you're going for a more organic look, your display doesn't need to appear carefully crafted - so try mixing it up.

Top Tip: Select one or two photos and supersize them - these framed photos should be simple shots with lots of white space. This helps to give your eyes room to rest and is integral to the overall look of the picture wall.


After deciding on your absolute favourite photos, you need to find some frames and mounts that'll do them justice.

When buying frames for these photos, you'll need to consider two important elements; the photos themselves (their colour, size etc.) and your existing decor.


Each part of your home can have a slightly different look and feel, so first, you need to choose which room and wall within that room to display your pictures. As a general point, we find it wise to pair your frames with existing decor first and foremost.

If you're creating a gallery wall above an oak sideboard, for instance, order oak frames. You can also do the same with accessories. Do you have black accents throughout your room? Use black frames. By framing your photos in a style appropriate for your room, they'll feel much more at home when hung.

For more information, try reading our picture frame buying guide.


When it comes to matching your wedding photos with an appropriate frame, our rule of thumb is the more you like the picture, the bigger it should be relative to the others in your display. Bigger pictures should be framed using wider mouldings to maintain visual balance.

You might also find it appropriate to try and pull certain colours of your picture out with your choice of frame. However, we'd only recommend doing this with neutral colours like white, cream and ivory. Trying to match the exact yellow or green featured in your wedding might be a step too far and can be done more effectively with a mount.


Finding the right picture frame and mount is an important task. After-all, these photos will be with you for generations. Fortunately, we have tons of wedding themed frames and mounting options to add a timeless finishing touch. Let's get started.

"gold is a spectacular choice for a wedding. Paired with elegant white, ivory or black, it creates a striking, elegant look"

- Wedding Venues

"all-white sets the stage for elegance and romance"


For newlyweds, turning a house into a home is a special, but time-consuming process. So when it comes to colour, white frames are a classic and neutral way to frame your wedding pictures. More often on the big day itself, white is paired alongside another colour - so why not bring out this accent colour with a coordinated double mount? Alternatively, if you had an all-white wedding you can continue the theme by pairing a simple white frame with a luxury deep bevel white mount for a truly elegant and timeless look.

"Formal, vintage, modern, rustic - any wedding theme can benefit from a sprinkle of silver"

"Warm hues create an inviting, cozy atmosphere"


If you're ready to bring your wedding photos to life, we know just the place to start. We've got a range of perfect products - upload and frame your wedding photos or a find a wedding frame to begin.