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Needlepoint & Cross Stitch Framing Ideas

The last few years have seen growing numbers of people take up cross stitching as a hobby, and whilst your first few attempts might have ended up, well, a disaster - we think it's right that you proudly display your more successful attempts in a frame.



Whether it's to give as a gift for a newborn or to simply challenge yourself, cross stitching has never been more popular.

Having been proven to stimulate the creative side of the brain and having shown improvement in concentration levels and hand-to-eye coordination, shouldn’t picking up the cotton be encouraged from a young age?

From mini cross stitch kits for crafty kids to intricate patterns for more advanced hobbyists, cross stitches look amazing when they're framed right. But, where do you start and what do you need to consider when you're framing your new work of art?


Once you've finished your cross stitch you need to find a frame that'll suit.

When buying a frame for your cross stitch, you need to think about two key things. Your cross stitch itself (theme, size, colour palette) and your existing decor.


Of course, you'll need to factor in your existing decor and room style. For example, let's say your current furniture has a Shabby Chic vibe to it - you might want to keep your frame choice in keeping with one of our Shabby Chic frames.


There are a few things you'll need to take into account with regards to your physical cross stitch before choosing a frame style. Cross stitching is an intricate art, so you don't want a frame which overpowers the piece or, even worse, doesn't do it justice.

The Size

Most pieces are relatively small, but we've seen some needlepoint's come in over 20" square. So an important point to note is that the frame you choose shouldn't be too wide or too narrow for the item.

Choose a frame of the right proportion to your piece
Consider the width of your frame in relation to the proportions of your piece

The Theme

Is your cross stitch of the seaside? You might want to reflect this in your frame choice too by using a frame from our coastal collection.

Match your frame choice to the theme of your cross stitch or needlepoint
Use an accent mount to highlight spot colours from your work

The Colour

Picking out key colours from your cross stitch with a similar frame can look amazing too. Feel that's too bold? Add some colour by using a coloured mount board that complements the colours used in the picture instead.

Cross stitch and needlework accent mount colour design idea
Use an accent mount to highlight spot colours from your work


Even with the information above, narrowing down your choice may still feel overwhelming. We do have over 700 frame styles after-all. So with this in mind, we asked our own GCF Framers to lend a hand and come up with a few suggestions for framing your work.

"it is a good idea to try to match the frame to the cross stitch"

"With a range of French motifs, flowers and vintage linens - cross stitching has an certain shabby chic vibe to it"


Cross stitch has been creeping back into today’s society but in an updated way. Having appeared on several pieces of clothing across the high street as part of their design, and in some cases purposefully emphasised to show clearly that the pattern is cross stitch. This, along with an upsurge in people taking up the art of cross stitching, could be attributed to the revival of the shabby chic look, Cath Kidston having something to do with it. With this in mind, why not try framing your cross stitch in one of our shabby chic frames.


If you're ready to frame your cross stitch or needlework, we know just the place to start. We've got a range of perfect products - browse our frames.