Picture Frame Buying Guide

Our buying guides will tell you everything you need to know about our range of ready made picture frames, from technical specifications to which item suits different budgets and needs.

Buying your new frames

Buying new frames and mounts can all seem a little bit daunting. We want you to be delighted with your choice, and with so many different options available, we want you to take some time to think about what's best for you and your requirements before you buy.

Picture framing example

Make a major difference to the feel of your interior with our stunning frames.

What is the difference between ready made and custom made?

When you buy a custom made frame you can choose from over 600 frame styles and order to them to any size you require. Ready made frames are 'off the shelf' as such they only come in more common standard sizes such as A4. There is no major price difference between the two categories, but ordering a ready made standard size frame is simpler and takes less time. Below is a more detailed summary of the differences between the two.

Custom Frames

Ready Made Frames

  • Order any size you need
  • Also available in standard sizes
  • Standard sizes only
  • Largest custom range online with over 600 different frame styles
  • Wood and aluminium materials
  • Hundreds of beautiful colours
  • Largest ready made range online with over 1000 different frames including picture frames, photo frames/albums, cheap frames, multi photo frames, certificate frames, view more...
  • Acid-free mounts in 7 stunning styles
  • Choice of crystal clear acrylic, glass or no glazing at all
  • A selection of hanging fixings
  • Various accessories and finishing products
  • Ready made frames are an off the shelf product but you can order accessories and finishing products
  • Standard delivery time 5-7 working days
  • Next working day priority service
  • Standard delivery time 5-7 working days
  • Custom made in the UK by Guild Commended Framers
  • Hand signed certificate approving of final, shipped quality
  • High quality materials sourced from around the world
  • High-tech, highly accurate framing machinery
  • Our ready made frames are made by our trusted partners and feature some of the world's most recognised frame brands renowned for supplying high quality frames
  • All our frames are hand picked by us based on quality and price
  • eFRAME has a industry leading pricing which ensures that each order is priced competitively
  • No price premium for custom sizes
  • On average 60% cheaper than those found on the high street
  • Huge discounts of up to 57.5%
  • Highly affordable, making them great for customers with strict budgets
  • Our frame packs are perfect for those looking for multiple frames at low prices
  • Great discounts of up to 20% on already great prices
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When browsing our ready made picture frame section you may notice different framing brands. eFRAME, Nielsen Bainbridge, Hamptons, Umbra etc.. These are all the major framing brands and have been chosen specifically for their renowned quality, style and affordability.

Rest assured that when you see a product on the eFrame site you are viewing the crème de la crème of the picture framing world.

Choosing the right style

Match Existing Decor

It is important to make sure the frame style and mount style match the current theme of the interior.

Match Your Art/Photo

Keep in mind when choosing your picture frame and/or mount the item you are framing. For example - If you are framing a treasure map then opt for something which reflects both its importance and age. A clean, aluminium frame probably wouldn't work as well as a wooden oak frame with this item.


We want your frames to last a lifetime, so we only sell quality products which are designed and built to do so. Almost all of our frames are manufactured here in the UK by professional picture framers using the best equipment & materials available. We quality check all of our products before despatch too.


When it comes to our ready made picture frames we offer various different materials. Wood, aluminium, acrylic and glass. All represent exceptional quality and value.

The purpose and location of your frames should help you decide the right material to pick. For example it may be inappropriate to place glass picture frames with children around for safety reasons, or hanging a wood picture frame outside exposed to the elements.


Any choice you make when buying your frames will obviously depend on the size of your pictures, room and how many pictures you want to frame in any one frame.

See our size measuring guide

Our measuring guide has everything you need to ensure your picture frame fits your item perfectly.


See our returns policy

Our returns policy is set in conjunction with EU and UK trade laws.

Framing Inspiration

What's the best way to frame your holiday pics? How should you go about ensuring the look of the finished frame will match your image?

With over 600 moulding styles and 350 mounting styles that can be combined in virtually any size the choice you have is enormous, and possibly daunting. But fear not! To make your task nice and easy, we have prepared a few examples for you to use for inspiration.

So visit our room inspiration section for hundreds of great framing ideas or see below for inspiration based on the items you're framing.

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