Find the best gold frame for your picture

The good news? There are a lot of great gold frames out there. The challenge can be finding the right one to suit your art, photos and interior decor. Our 5 step guide is here to help.

Ah, gold. Luxurious, glamorous and inviting, this beautiful colour has been a part of framing for years. For those with something special to frame, nothing else will do.

Whether you prefer a classic ornate or a chic modern frame, there’s a gold picture frame to suit your needs. "We offer a wide range, from highly decorative mouldings for the more traditional interior to simple flat and curvy mouldings for more modern interiors", says Natalia Bone, Buying Assistant.

Desperate to display something you love in a gold frame? Here’s our round-up of the essential items to consider when shopping. It caters to every style and budget. For the full low-down on picture frames, read our detailed buying guide.

You might want to skip the guide and start exploring all of our gold frames.

When to go gold

Gold complements so many artwork colours. We particularly love pairing green and gold - which helps landscape photography and botanical prints to pop. Alternatively, you can achieve a dramatic look by framing black and white photography. The contrasting colours make your display bold without distracting eyes admiring the monochrome pictures within. Finally, of course, decorative frames look great in gold, so think about oil paintings (of all varieties) and statement pieces.

1. Match the undertones

Without putting your finger on it, sometimes you look at a frame and art pairing and think, "that just looks right". However, more often than not, the reason is that the colour hues of both are similar. That is to say, the picture and frame share either a warm or cool tone.

Side note, don't forget to take your wall colour into account.

What is a warm or cool tone? Warm looking frames and art have red and orange undertones, whilst their cool counterparts have blue. Once you've identified, on the spectrum of warmest to coolest, what tone your image features, you'll need to narrow down the frame options available. We have plenty of both; our favourites are featured below.

2. Decide on a frame style

Once you know the shade of gold you want, begin to think about what aesthetic style you want. Our tip is to consider the style of artwork you're framing first and your existing decor second.

If you desire something contemporary, then our thin and simple wood and metal frames are an excellent choice. They come in a range of minimalist designs that complement abstract artwork and cherished photos. Our wood frames in ornate and vintage styles look impressive hung above sofas and in hallways for those wanting a traditional vibe. To get you started, check out the list of frame styles below - our expert designers grouped frames featuring different looks.

Ornate and traditional

Ornate and traditional frames are an excellent choice for expensive works of art as they ooze opulence and style with their gold foil finish, perfect for your favourite painting, map or precious photos. These baroque frames look great in gold and will make a lavish statement when paired with striking artwork.


For a contemporary note, there’s plenty to pick from. Our deep gold wooden frames let you create a gallery look in your home, perfect for float mounts or for framing your favourite objects in style. Along with our wooden frames, our metal moulding selection offers thin borders that elegantly surround your artwork no matter the size. Narrow aluminium frames are a cost-effective way to frame large pictures due to their strength.


Our vintage frames are a great option if you’re looking to frame your favourite 50’s advertisement, a cinema poster from a similar era or some black and white photos from back in the day. With a distressed finish or an antique design, these frames have an elegant, timeless character.


The luxe design trend suits gold perfectly. This lavish collection of elegant frames boasts sophisticated reflective surfaces and glamorous delating. Oversized artwork can be framed to give your room an attention-grabbing focal point. We hereby set you free to embrace Instagram-worthy pieces and capture the essence of Hollywood's golden era. These frames are especially well suited to foil prints and art with muted colour tones.

Art deco

Our gold art deco frames are a throwback to the 1920s, perfect for bold and colourful art, monochrome portraits and geometric posters. These frames work particularly well with a solid black picture mount and complement rich, bright, deep colours.

3. Size it up

It will come as no surprise to hear that the key to choosing your perfect frame is that it fits your artwork with no gaps around the edge. Unfortunately, people fail to order the correct size; so when selecting your frame, bear in mind our measuring guide. In addition, we recommend taking into account proportions: generally speaking, the bigger the picture, the wider the frame needs to be.

You can order bespoke gold frames in any size, smaller photos are best framed in a gold photo frame, and for standard size posters and art prints, you can explore our popular frame size guide.

4. Consider a picture mount

A mount not only separates your picture from the glass but can be helpful when trying to blend your artwork into the room. We offer mounts in a wide variety of colours, including many in the shades previously mentioned, like green, blue, black and white. We also offer a shade called old gold, a metallic finish mount that looks great with a gold trim frame. Not sold? Check out our gold picture frames with mounts - we think you might change your mind.

5. Stick with what works

Sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming keeping up with the latest interior trends, so there's a lot to be said for just sticking with tried, tested and timeless styles. So what do we recommend? For a classic and traditional look, opt for something with a patterned design. Simpler frames with a slightly curved edge can be a brilliant option for creating a more modern aesthetic. If you already have a frame hanging at home which you love - match it or choose something with a similar look.

If you’re looking to introduce a subtle hint of gold, then some frames feature gold inner trims. With their metallic edges, these vintage frames are available in both black and dark wood colourways.

Now I've got my frame, what do I do?

So there you have it - you've successfully picked a gold picture or photo frame that complements your image perfectly. Once your frame has been delivered, you'll need to fit your picture. If your print is rolled up in a tube, allow it to flatten out for 24 hours first, so it's easier to fit. Our how-to frame your picture guide explains the rest.