Certificate Frame Buying Guide

Our buying guides will tell you everything you need to know about our range of certificate frame products, from technical specifications to which item suits different budgets and needs.

Framing the most precious documents

Certificate (A4 Size) frames are the perfect way to brighten your documents and interiors, and add a brilliant focal point for any room. Protect documents of sentimental worth from the elements and day to day wear. We have a large selection online; here's how to choose a certificate frame that suits your taste and needs.

What are certificate frames

Contrary to their name, certificate frames can hold a range of pictures/documents as so long as they are A4 in size. Our wide range of frames allow you to either show off your items proudly or just protect them from day to day life. Whatever your requirement we have an A4 frame perfectly suited.


We have a wide selection of materials to choose from. Wood, aluminium, styrene/clip frames and glass/clip frames. Each have their own strengths. Wood frames are our most popular item as they fit perfectly into almost any surrounding be it an office or home space.


Ranging from dark brown wood, frosted silver aluminium and frameless clip frames, we have it. The largest range of frames on the internet allows our valued customers to find something they require almost every time.

If we don't have the style you are looking for in our ready made frames section then try our made to measure picture frames


We are confident that the quality of our frames can't be matched. eFRAME.co.uk has had a reputation throughout the UK for almost a decade as the leading online framer. A company which genuinely believes in providing its customers with top quality products for affordable prices. It's in our best interest to carry on doing so.


All certificate frames are A4 in size. Equivalent to 297mm x 210mm.

If your item isn't this size don't worry. Merely find a frame in our custom made frames section and input your sizes there.

All you need to do is measure the size of your picture/item and find a frame which matches it.


See our returns policy

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Framing Inspiration

What's the best way to frame your holiday pics? How should you go about ensuring the look of the finished frame will match your image?

With over 600 moulding styles and 350 mounting styles that can be combined in virtually any size the choice you have is enormous, and possibly daunting. But fear not! To make your task nice and easy, we have prepared a few examples for you to use for inspiration.

So visit our room inspiration section for hundreds of great framing ideas or see below for inspiration based on the items you're framing.

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