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17mm Wide, 44mm Deep, Silver Wood Foil Frame for Canvas

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This silver made to measure canvas tray frame is suitable for displaying a single stretched canvas print. Just choose your print size and a price will be displayed. It's made from a stylish genuine wood foil moulding and has a 17mm width. Fixings provided allow for wall hanging in either landscape or portrait.

We make all our canvas tray frames and stretched canvas prints here in our UK studio using new technology and old school craftsmanship. Each frame passes through the hands of 7 talented framers before it's packed. The result? A high quality, unique canvas tray frame and stretched canvas print made to display your favourite picture.


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Frequently asked questions


What sizes are available for canvas prints?

All our canvas prints and float framed canvas prints are available in popular and made to measure sizes. You can order small desk-friendly sizes all the way up to large wall-sized canvases with ease. The only limit will be the quality of your uploaded picture.


How do I know if my image is high enough quality for canvas printing?

When you upload a photo for us to print onto canvas, our automatic resolution checker will give you an indication of quality or tell you if the photo isn't suitable for the size you require. Our tool assesses your photo's quality on a scale from 1 to 5, where 1 indicates poor quality and 5 signifies excellent quality.


What types of images can I print on canvas?

Almost any digital image or art style can be printed on canvas, including photographs, digital art downloads, and scanned images of original artwork. You just need to make sure that the resolution is high enough for the desired canvas size.


What is the difference between a stretched canvas and a canvas with a float frame?

A stretched canvas is simply a canvas print stretched over and attached to a wooden frame, making it ready to hang. Stretched canvasses look simple and allow everyone to see the image wrapping around the edges.

A floated canvas sits inside a separate outer frame with a 5mm shadow gap between the two, creating a floating effect for the canvas. Float frames give your canvas art a more polished, gallery-style appearance, enhancing the harmony between the canvas art and the room's furnishings.


Can I preview my canvas print before it's finalized?

With our live visualisation tool above, you can experiment with different sizes and frame styles to create a canvas piece that's perfect for you.


How do I care for my canvas print?

We'd recommend keeping canvas prints out of direct sunlight and avoid high humidity areas (like bathrooms or above radiators).

Dust your canvas prints lightly with a soft, dry cloth and avoid using cleaning chemicals or water on the canvas surface.


What is the best way to hang a canvas print?

Our canvas prints arrive ready to hang with appropriate fixings. You just need to put a screw or nail in the wall. If you rent and order smaller canvas you could try using adhesive command strips instead.

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