Swept Frames

Here you will find over 80 beautifully carved frames, coming in various standard sizes and colours. These frames are something extra special, boasting wonderful designs and amazing quality.

Swept Frames - a Work of Art

When you have artwork to display, only the most elegant frame will do. A standard picture frame does not do an original piece of art justice. Whether it is the first piece created by an aspiring artist, a piece in a series by a well-known painter, or one of your own paintings, then a beautiful ornate frame will make it stand-out like a masterpiece should.

These are the frames often found in galleries and museums and they feature the ornate details one would expect from such products. The edging and face feature painstaking carving designed to resemble traditional craftsmanship. White, cream, silver, gold, black, and brown are some of the available colours. Each frame is manufactured to the highest quality standards and subjected to checks regarding design, creation, and distribution. The process is constantly being refined to deliver a better product.

Start browsing by selecting the size of frame you are looking for from the table below. And remember, the size of the frame is always the size of the item being framed. So if your painting, photo or picture is, say, 12" x 10", then that is the size of the frame you should buy.

Stunning from every angle and edge

Our swept frames have an unmatched elegance and style. Finished off with exquisite carved detail edging they will form the centre piece of your wall decor. We also sell swept frame mirrors. To buy your swept frame mirror give us a call on 01480 214777 and we can help you find and order the perfect one.


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A 2.5mm MDF backing board comes with all swept frames sold by eFRAME. This provides rigidity to the frame construction whilst allowing easy access to the enclosed artwork.

A barrier board is recommended when framing artwork of substantial value, as it reduces the possibility of any harmful chemical reaction between the MDF back and the artwork . This provides a strong and durable backing, ensuring that it will last for many years.

On the front of the frame, acrylic is the best substance for glazing and we offer a high-grade PMMA standard with all swept frames. You will be drawn to the artwork, not the glazing.

And if you want a mount, we have hundreds of choices available for these ornate frames, enabling you to get the perfect, unique, desired finished look.

What about alternatives?

If a standard size swept frame is not compatible with the dimensions of your artwork, a custom made frame can be ordered. After measuring the dimensions of the piece, you can create a decorative frame to surround it, enhancing its appearance. An image of the artwork can even be uploaded to our online custom frame design tool so you can see what the piece will look like in different types of traditional construction, decorative frames. And it goes without saying, mounts are also available for all custom frames.

An artistic creation looks its best when surrounded by an ornate frame made from real wood, not plastic. Hanging accessories and hardware are provided to make installation quick and simple.

Explore our wide collection of swept, ornate and decorative frames to find one worthy of displaying your finest artwork. With elegant detailing and a variety of colours available, it will be easy to identify the perfect frame.

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