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Frequently asked questions


How do I identify each paper?

Towards the bottom right of each print you'll see the name of the paper.


What comes in the pack?

Each sample pack comes with our four print papers:

  • Epson Enhanced Matt: An economy matte (zero sheen) paper. Great for value minded customers seeking a flat matte surface, It yields highly saturated images, while maintaining excellent highlight and shadow detail
  • Epson Luster: An economy semi gloss photo paper. Many professional photographers use this paper for their photos. This paper produces vivid, lifelike images that rival those of traditional silver halide prints
  • Hahnemühle German Etching: A premium matte (zero sheen) paper. This heavyweight etching paper is velvety smooth with a fine surface texture. German Etching is often used for higher quality artwork and photography
  • Hahnemühle Rag Pearl: A premium semi gloss photo paper. Photo Pearl is a finely structured PE paper with a pearlescent surface. The vivid and highly detailed colour rendering guarantees photo-realistic prints of impressive quality.

How should I choose?

Paper choice is a highly subjective matter.

Lighting has a big impact on the appearance of each paper, try holding each sample on the wall where your framed print will hang to see how it looks.

Also think about the image you're printing. Generally speaking, photographs look pin-sharp and vibrant on a luster or pearl paper and paintings look superb on a matt or textured paper.


How long do I have to wait?

We know you're excited to receive the samples, so we'll aim to get your print sample pack shipped within 24 business hours. We'll send it via a Royal Mail First Class service.


What size are the sample prints?

Each sample print is 10x10cm. This should be big enough for you to make an assessment of each paper and it's individual qualities.