7x5 Multi Aperture Mounts. Mounts designed with at least one opening sized: 7x5

7x5 Size Multi Aperture Mounts

These mounts can be used portrait or landscape

Our range of multi aperture mounts that have been designed with at least one opening sized 7x5. All the mounts below can be altered in our frame and mount design studio where you can customise the colour, style and surrounding frame easily.

Mount Style: L36
4 x 7" x 5"
Mount Style: L40
2 x 7" x 5", 2 x 5" x 7"
Mount Style: L43
1x5"x7", 1x7"x5", 1x5"x7"
Mount Style: L44
1x7"x5", 1x5"x7", 1x7"x5"
Mount Style: L60
2 x 7" x 5"
Mount Style: L88
1 x 6" x4", 1 x 7"x5", 1x10"x12", 1x7"x5", 1 x 6"x4"
Mount Style: L6
1 x 6" x 4", 1 x 7" x 5", 1 x 8" x 6"
Mount Style: L35
3 x 7" x 5" (P)
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