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Whether you are part of a couple planning their wedding or a loved one who is invited to the big day and stuck for a gift, we can help! Here are some great frame related ideas suitable for weddings of all types.

With love... the guests

Signature frames

A word worth a thousand pictures

If you are one of the people that believes that the guests make a wedding this little idea may be the extra touch your wedding needs to be perfect. Signature frames allow the guests to share a lovely message with the couple that will last a lifetime. All that is needed is a beautiful frame and a plain wide mount. You can then choose to frame a favourite snap from the special day itself after the wedding or put in a lovely shot of you as a couple, placed in centre and surrounded by words from the ones you love. Transporting you back to that wonderful day every time you take a glance.

Custom signature frames

We've got a fantastic range of pre-configured and fully customisable signature frames, which allow you to design a frame to fit the style of wedding you're planning.

Swept frames have a design that reflects the specialness of your day. Ornate, eye catching and in a range of colours great for weddings.

Swept Frames

By fitting one of our swept frames with a custom mount with extra wide borders you can allow guests to wish you all the best on your special day.

Custom Mounts

You may now be seated...

Thanks to our multi-opening table plans

Limit the chaos that usually occurs at a wedding reception, guests clambering over each other to find their place cards somewhere among a sea of tables, you can do this by framing your seating plan, giving family and friends one place to look rather than circling endlessly until all but their space is filled. Tip: if you are going for a vintage chic style why not use a large swept frame for your seating plan, giving the plan a touch of antique elegance.

If you have a specific mount design in mind we can probably make it for you. We'll just need a rough sketch with the measurements.
See how to do it here

A keepsake to love and cherish, 'til death us do part.

What can I frame?

If you didn't want your special day to end- and why would you, it was amazing- then a little way to keep that magic in your everyday life is to frame little keepsakes from the day. It could just be a favourite photo, those heart melting vows or that little tear-jerking poem your partner recited to you at the reception. Instead of reluctantly letting go why not preserve those memorable moments in a frame, making sure those special little things don't slip away.

Given the quality of our products our prices should be a lot higher than they are and using our frame studio you can choose a frame to fit your budget. When you also factor in our speedy delivery, unrivalled customer support and personalised service we truly are the market leader when it comes to framing your memories.

Stuck in a wedding gift rut?

We have the answer

A person's wedding will be one of the happiest and most important days of their life, it is no wonder then that they would want reminders of the special day surrounding them at all times; and with more and more couples living together before marriage, wedding gifts are getting harder to buy. This is why no matter what they already have there will always be room for a frame and another memory to fill it. Take a look at our collection of frames best suited to the special occasion and the perfect gift.

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