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Frames for friends and family

The ones you love, whether they are your family or friends, deserve the best, This applies to frames as well, whether they are starring in them or receiving them. eFRAME have a wide range high quality frames, custom made and ready made, supplying you with only the best for those important ones in your life.

Wall of frame

Create your own gallery at home and make your family the pieces of art with a picture wall, with different styles to suit the personality of your home and family. A picture wall would look great going up next to the stairs, breathing some life into that usually blank awkward space.

To create a truly stunning display try adding a wide bordered 'gallery style' mount to your order. We find that by incorporating a mount of this design into a simple black wood frame or a thin silver aluminium frame will help you to create a truly timeless focal point in your room.

Many faces in smaller spaces

Display the whole family in a space friendly way with a collage/ gallery solution frame. It allows every picture to be framed individually without hogging all of the walls in the house, a great gift for a grandparent wanting to show off their grandchildren.

Don't leaf anybody out

Make a feature out of your family with a family tree wall. All you need to do is paint a basic tree, this can be any colour to suit the interior decor of the room it will be in, then just place the pictures on the tree. There does not need to be an order, just enjoy displaying photos of the family members in an eclectic and stylish way.

Photo frames

Personal, affordable gifts

If the special people in your life need to be shown off in a frame that is a little more specific take a look at our family and friends speciality frames, from siblings to grandchildren to friends, show the ones you love you are proud to call them family or your friend.

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