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Engagement gift ideas

Will you marry me? It may be the most important question a person will answer in their lifetime, and one they are going to remember for the rest of their lives. We have put together some great proposal and gift ideas to suit such a pinnacle and exciting time, guaranteed to be the keepsake they will want to display.

You've been framed

Framing that special moment

If you are the one doing the proposing in a public place then it would be a nice idea to get someone, either a family member, friend or even a professional to take a shot of that special moment. This image can then be custom framed and given as a wonderful gift to your loved one as a permanent reminder of that day that can be displayed with pride.

Mark the occasion

Give the loved up couple a gift to cherish with a special engagement frame, allowing them to fill the frame with their favourite photo to mark the occasion and treasure forever.

We have a brilliant selection of frames that are designed specifically for this wonderful occasion, which makes your job of buying a special gift for the Mr and Mrs to-be a much simpler task.

Congratulations are in order

A lot of newly engaged couples like to announce their exciting news at a party, but what do you get for this type of occasion. A great personalised gift would be a framed picture of the couple surrounded by a mount signed with messages of congratulations by all of the party guests.

Frame the date

Also serves as a timely reminder of your anniversary

The happy couple will only usually have one image of themselves all loved up and engaged by the time the party comes around, you don't want to be another person to give them that image in one frame or another. For a more thoughtful, personalised engagement gift, why not use a mount with 3 openings to frame the date they got engaged; it is a different reminder of that moment and is specific to them, making it extra special.

Not your average ring box

Instead of putting the ring in an obvious cube shaped box why not increase the element of surprise by framing the ring. Put the ring in the middle of a collage frame, surrounded by images of you both as a couple, point out the new images you have framed and when they turn to take a look get down on one knee and pop the question! When the ring leaves the frame it can be replaced by a new image of you both as an engaged couple.

A little game

Spot the difference

If you are feeling very creative and a little wacky you could create a spot the difference using two pictures of the person you are proposing to, but one will be photoshopped with a ring on their wedding finger. You then frame this in a double aperture frame and ask them to spot the difference. When they spot it you can do the traditional thing and get down on one knee and present the ring. Something a bit different, fun and just the right amount of strange.

The path that leads to somewhere

If you are feeling particularly romantic, and you should because you are proposing to the one you love, you could create a picture wall consisting of pictures of you both as a couple, framing some beautiful memories together and at the furthest end of the picture wall hangs a photo of a ring, taken somewhere in the house. As that special someone moves along the wall admiring the sweet decoration gesture they will spot the picture of the ring, prompting them to go and find it, hidden where you have set up a romantic atmosphere ready to pop the question.

A print with a hint

Why not give the gift of a proposal? Have a photo taken of yourself holding a sign asking the question, a series of photos holding the letters spelling out the question or even a framed print with a hint. You can then give this as a gift, it would definitely surprise the recipient and it is something they can treasure for a long time after they have said yes.

Create a poster frame

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