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All I want for Christmas is...

Christmas is a magical time of year, but in a world that is technologically dominated it is getting harder to buy original gifts that excite. Vouchers and money are becoming increasingly popular. If you want to escape these impersonal gift options here are some great present ideas, guaranteed to bring that special Noel sparkle back.

Forget the gold, frankincense and myrrh

Stuck for a gift? Does this person have a poster or two desperately clinging to the wall by blobs of blue tack? A poster frame gives them the chance to keep their beloved posters in great condition whilst adding an element of class to the decor.

With MP3 players in one form or another dominating the market physical music has died out a little, however there is nothing like having a physical vinyl of your favourite album beautifully framed and on display. A wonderful thoughtful gift for those permanently found with their headphones in.

For something truly special why not spend some time on a personalised Christmas cross stitch, and present it to someone in a high class frame, something that took time and effort whilst also acting as a decoration for next Christmas, Grandma will love it!

Photo frames

Nothing puts a smile on a relatives face like a family photo, cheesy grins and all. This is why a Christmas family photo in a beautiful photo frame makes a wonderful personal gift for other family members, especially Nan and Grandad.

Shirt frames

Christmas is coming home

Score big with someone special this Christmas with the gift of a framed football shirt, or if they already have the shirt the frame will be just as exciting as it means their beloved footie keepsake will be safe from grubby hands and winding up in the wash pile.

Stunning framed mirrors

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That's a wrap!

It is simple to wrap a present and hand it over, but if you have a framed present or presents that are frames why not wrap them and then hang them on the wall. This will give an exciting surprise element and is sure to make them smile.

This might be the one present that's easier to geuss that a new football, a box of maltesers or a bottle of wine!

Snow frame like a swept frame

If someone is simply a 'frame person', make sure the frame you give them is extra special. A swept frame, available in a range of colours, will suit any decor, from traditional to contemporary, from gothic to vintage, meaning you can't go wrong with the gift of a swept frame.

Yule get it just right with a custom frame

Has a special someone been mentioning an awkward sized print they would like framing? If so then the ideal gift is that of a custom frame, allowing them to display their print with pride, fitting perfectly in a quality frame. Not Christmassy enough? Why not choose gold, green or red moulding to make sure your gift is in keeping with the festivities.

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