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Make a birthday a
happy birthday

Birthdays, they come every year and each year gifts get harder to buy. What if they already have it? What if their taste has changed? What if it is the wrong size? The list of gift conundrums goes on, to give you a helping hand here are some great frame related birthday gift ideas, suitable for all ages and guaranteed a smile.

Photo frame range

Special photo frames for special birthdays

They're how old?

If it's a 'special birthday' - yes, all birthdays are special- but in the case of hitting a milestone birthday (1st, 18th, 30th etc.) a specific frame may be in order to specifically mark such an occasion, after all, you only turn 18 once therefore it should be remembered- whether they want to remember it by the end of the night or not.

Fortunately we offer a range of photo frames perfect for such a historic event. These frames come available for the following birthdays:

  • 18th Birthday
  • 21st Birthday
  • 30th Birthday
  • 40th Birthday
  • 50th Birthday
  • 60th Birthday

Memory walls

One of a kind picture walls

If someone close is celebrating their birthday, why not surprise them with a wall dedicated to their special day, a picture wall with several frames containing photos from previous birthdays can be the perfect personal present and a gift that could release a host of happy memories.

When creating a photo wall it will help massively if you create a template first. This will allow you to envisage what the finished article will look like, whilst also helping to eradicate any mistakes with regards to sizing you might make based on assumptions.

To create a template first of all try drawing your desired layout on a piece of paper. If you wish you can then go ahead and cut out, and bluetak a lifesize template on your wall to see how it fits.

Experiment! Try lots of different designs and layouts before finally deciding, but remember to take into account the location of the picture wall. If for instance you're placing it in a thin hallway, we wouldn't recommend putting anything overly large, as this will make your hallway seem even smaller.

Make sure that the most important image, or the focal point of the display is eye level and towards the center of the arrangement. This will help to give both purpose and a focus to your design. This will also allow you to build out from the center of the picture wall over time if you wish.

It's more common today to find people renting rather than owning their own property. This often means you can't hang pictures on your walls, so why not try placing the pictures on pre-existing shelves instead?

It's also a good idea to better secure the frames against the wall leaning them back and then using a bit of bluetak to stick the frames to the wall and shelf. If possiblle it's also a good idea to find shelving with a lip, which will help to further prevent the frames from slipping.

Step away from the envelope, frame it!

Handing over an envelope, no matter the contents, can always feel a little small and empty. Why not frame your gift to them, giving the recipient a real present to open. This works really well for concert or theatre tickets.

Create a ticket frame

Next stop... Memory lane frame

Multi-aperture frames and mounts

Multi-aperture frames can be a great way to display a lot of memories in one space. You may want to surround the birthday boy/girl with embarrassing baby pictures, great for the milestone birthdays, or you may just want to display the happy times you spent together, perfect for a best friend's birthday.

A gift so good, you HAVE to frame it

Frames are for more than pictures, they can be used to show off a special item of interest. If they are a football fan, why not frame a personalised or signed football shirt, if they are a music lover, why not frame their favourite CD or record, and if they are a film fanatic why not frame a print from their favourite film or a film poster; the possibilities for a perfect personalised present are limitless.

So what frame should you buy? Well, it entirely depends on the item you're framing! If you're framing a football shirt then you might wish to check out our football shirt frames. If you're framing a poster then you're probably going to be interested in our selection of ready made poster frames. If however you're looking for something really special then try checking out our custom frames.

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