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Frames for new arrivals

Every new parent is proud of their little bundle of joy, whether it is their first arrival or fifth. Having a baby is one of the most magical times of any parent's life and naturally one they wish to display and do not want to forget. We have put together some sweet framing ideas to properly show off the tiny new addition.

The generation frame

A kind of frame time machine

Who does the baby look like more, mum or dad? A great way to frame a newborn is in a multi opening frame with three windows, place baby's photo in the centre and a picture of the mother as a baby and the father as a baby on either side. You could even label who the pictures are of underneath so visitors know who is who and can decide who the little one resembles the most. A perfect present from the grandparents.

If you are planning on hanging pictures in the baby's nursery be safe and purchase our security fixings, securing those frames and giving you peace of mind when hanging those pictures over the baby's cot. Oh, and while we're on the subject of safety; our frames come standard with crystal clear, high quality acrylic safety glazing!

Frame the name

A sweet personalised gift for the proud parents or the baby themselves is a frame containing their name, this can be hung in their room and adds a personal touch to the nursery decor. This can also work for the baby's date of birth as well as their birth weight. A little something extra: You could even buy different colour mounts, blue or pink, to co-ordinate with the sex of the baby.

Bump to baby

Pregnancy is an important time in any woman's life, so it is natural they won't want to forget it. Daddies, give the new mummy a lovely gift documenting the progression from bump to baby with a collage frame, the first image being of a bump baring mum, the second of that first sonogram and the third of the precious little one... and so on.

Art from the start

Decorating the nursery

Four blank walls can be a little overbearing for a baby, not to mention make a nursery look unwelcoming and cold. Make the room they wake up in a bright one with a beautifully framed piece of art. For an extra splash of colour, why not use a coloured frame or a coloured mount.

Give your new little princess a beautiful Palace to sleep in. A baby pink accent wall can bring a warmth to the nursery without being as overbearing and garish as an entirely pink room. Don't leave the other walls completely bare though, frame pictures of the family and prints of Disney princesses in pink frames, creating a sense of cohesion throughout the room. If your cot is resting against the accent wall the baby's name framed, in a cream/ white frame with a pink mount, would make a lovely addition to the decor as a focal point. A butterfly mobile over the cot and a fluffy pink rug are accessories that would complete the look.

Give the bouncing baby boy a footie themed room. If daddy, or mummy for that matter, is a fan of a certain football team why not frame a personalised football shirt, something that will stick with them as they grow up. To further the theme accessorise the room with a football bean bag, to make those night feeds a little more interesting. If you are not a football loving family there is always the classic, traditional blue option. A soft baby blue feature wall will suit any size room without making it feel dark and crowded. The addition of blue picture frames on the plain walls will tie the room together and make the room seem more homely and less clinical.

If you are living in a rented house and can't paint walls, or don't want to go through the hassle of re-painting when they grow out of pink or blue, it doesn't mean that it has to look like a boring show room. Three simple pictures on a blank wall can bring life to any room, and if you keep the frames neutral (white, cream, black, beige or brown) the pictures can change as the child grows. Add textile accessories such as curtains, not blinds, and a rug to bring warmth into the nursery, making your little one look as snug as a bug in their new room. If you have to make do with a nursery in what was once the small spare room framed mirrors can bring the illusion of space as well as reflecting more natural light into the room.

Baby photo frames

If you know someone who has just welcomed a new addition to their family make sure they know you care by buying them a specialist newborn frame, whether it is their first or last they will appreciate these high quality frames that truly mark the occasion and give the little one pride of place in the family home.

A popular trend in nursery decoration at the moment is the framing of a large map. To make this more personal you could buy a section of the map of the area where the little one was born, and even embellish it with an arrow pointing to their specific birth place.

Pink and blue frames

Framing in a traditional sense

As cliché as it may seem, most parents who have a little girl still love to proudly mark it with a pink frame, and similarly those that have a baby boy like to display their bundle of joy in a blue frame; and with the contents being something as precious as a baby the quality of the frame should match the quality of the moment.

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