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Award and graduation frames

Present a newly acquired achievement with pride in a quality eFRAME frame, whether it is to hold an award ready to present to its winners or to exhibit a recently achieved qualification, there are options available to suit all types of achievement.

Degree certificates

Years spent toiling over various assignments and the sleepless all nighters spent in the library to earn that degree certificate, it is only right then that you should want to display it with pride. After all, with the exception of some pieces of original art, a degree certificate will be the most expensive piece of paper you own; therefore a sturdy quality frame, with the option of a barrier board for extra protection, your degree certificate will remain in perfect condition for a lifetime. A classic style frame would ensure that it stays in keeping with changing trends throughout the years, guaranteeing it stands the test of time. Mounts with title openings also prove very popular when framing certificates.

Other certificates

If you have just passed a course, such as first aid, it is a good idea to hang that certificate where people can see, for practical issues as well as a sign of your achievement. For professional reasons a simple black, white or brown frame would suit its contents, allowing it to be hung in any office or workspace without clashing with furniture or the interior design and adding a sense of professionalism.

A4 certificate frames

Framing your awards

If you just need an A4 frame for a recently received certificate, take pride in your achievement and don't settle for just any frame. eFRAME's ready made A4 certificate frames offer superb quality for a low price, allowing you to display your certificate the way it is meant to be displayed.

Gold standard frame for a gold award. First place is a feat and it is only natural to make a big deal of that achievement. With a vast range of gold frames there are many choices for that coveted award.

There is no need to settle for second best when it comes to framing a second place award. eFRAME has a large selection of silver frames to make the receiving of the award that little more impressive.

Third place awards will look as good as first in a beautiful bronze frame. There are a range of sizes available with the option of adding a mount, a gallery style mount is a popular choice for this type of framing, you are guaranteed to find the perfect frame.

Graduation pictures

Tell the story of your education

They did it! And we bet you have plenty of snaps from the big day to prove it, so why not frame them. Whether you decide to frame their official straight faced photo we all live to hate or those great natural shots you took after the ceremony, the gift of a framed graduation picture will be a perfect reminder of their hard work and what they achieved, while also being something they will want to keep forever. For something extra special, use a multi aperture frame to display a few shots from the day, including ones with friends, keeping the moment alive in their memory every time they look at it.

Quantity orders

Do you need to award a lot of certificates at once? or regularly have certificate ceremonies? Do not fret as at eFRAME you can buy first class frames in bulk and receive a fantastic discount, without sacrificing the quality of the frames you receive. Giving you the chance to award professional looking framed certificates at a price that is kind to the bank balance.

Award and graduation photo frames

As a graduation is such a momentous occasion for anyone that has studied hard to earn a degree, a specialist graduation frame may just be the perfect way to congratulate someone for their achievement.

We have a fantastic collection of high quality ready made photo frames to help you show off such a special occasion, all of which feature unique designs that complement the images within.

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