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Popular Sizes

We stock quality clip frames to suit all types of print sizes from postcards to large posters.

Product Highlights

Display your most treasured stories in sleek style with these borderless clip frames. Ideal for minimalist homes and offices. Just sandwich your print by clipping the glass or acrylic cover to the engineered wood backing.

Frame your heart out

Clip frames can hold everything from postcards to full size posters. Use them to create a sleek gallery wall or your child's latest masterpiece. Buy clip frames made with either tempered glass or crystal clear acrylic covers.

These clever frames let you switch your posters and photos with the ease you'd expect. Simply lift the edges forward to release your protective cover, slide in your new image and fasten with the supplied clips.

Clip Frame Range

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Glass Cover
Acrylic Cover
Product Fits Item Size Glazing Type Colour Orientation
A6 Clip Frame A6 Glass Clear Portrait/Landscape
13x18cm Clip Frame 13x18cm Glass Clear Portrait/Landscape
15x21cm Clip Frame 15x21cm Glass Clear Portrait/Landscape
20x25cm Clip Frame 20x25cm Glass Clear Portrait/Landscape
A4 Clip Frame A4 Glass Clear Portrait/Landscape
24x30cm Clip Frame 24x30cm Glass Clear Portrait/Landscape
28x35cm Clip Frame 28x35cm Glass Clear Portrait/Landscape
30x30cm Clip Frame 30x30cm Glass Clear Portrait/Landscape
30x40cm Clip Frame 30x40cm Glass Clear Portrait/Landscape
40x50cm Clip Frame 40x50cm Glass Clear Portrait/Landscape
Product Fits Item Size Glazing Type Colour Orientation
A4 Clip Frame A4 Acrylic Clear Portrait/Landscape
A3 Clip Frame A3 Acrylic Clear Portrait/Landscape
40x50cm Clip Frame 40x50cm Acrylic Clear Portrait/Landscape
40x60cm Clip Frame 40x60cm Acrylic Clear Portrait/Landscape
A2 Clip Frame A2 Acrylic Clear Portrait/Landscape
50x70cm Clip Frame 50x70cm Acrylic Clear Portrait/Landscape
60x80cm Clip Frame 60x80cm Acrylic Clear Portrait/Landscape
A1 Clip Frame A1 Acrylic Clear Portrait/Landscape
62x93cm Clip Frame 62x93cm Acrylic Clear Portrait/Landscape
70x100cm Clip Frame 70x100cm Acrylic Clear Portrait/Landscape

If you have large volume requirements we may be able to custom make clip frames in the sizes you require. Just get in touch with us.

Popular Questions

Make an informed decision

What are clip frames?

Clip Frames or 'frameless frames' are made from an mdf back and a sheet of glazing which clip together around the outside to secure your artwork. They've been designed to make changing and hanging your artwork simple!

How do I replace the picture?

Start by sliding off the clips from each side to disassemble the frame. Locate your image on the MDF backing, squaring off the edges, before placing the glass/acrylic back on top. Reposition the retaining clips evenly around frame and slot them into the pre-cut grooves.

Why do you offer both glass and acrylic?

You may have noticed that we can supply acrylic clip frames in larger sizes than glass clip frames.

If you're hanging your clip frame in a public space, a walkway or an area used by children then we'd always recommend using acrylic frames for safety reasons.

There is no difference in clarity between the two options.

How do I fix clip frames to the wall?

Each product arrives with a set of clips appropriate for the size and weight of frame you're hanging.

To hang your clip frame you'll need to install one or more screws into the wall. These screws simply slot into the pre-cut holes in the back of each clip (located along the top of the frame).

Why should I buy a clip frame?

Each of our frameless clip frames assemble quickly - without the need for tools. Their clean, seamless appearance suits virtually all décor and image styles. Perfect for those wanting an economical framing solution.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

Absolutely. Have a look at our generous quantity discount structure.

Can clip frames hold items thicker than paper?

Yes, to an extent. The metal clips have limited flexibility so we wouldn't recommend framing anything more than 2mm thick.