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Light silver foil canvas float frame

This wooden canvas float frame has an 14mm face width, 40mm internal depth and features a 5mm shadow gap around your canvas.

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We make float frames to suit almost any size canvas.

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Also known as a canvas tray frame, this made to measure light silver frame is designed to perfectly complement your stretched canvas. Our supplied fixings make wall hanging a breeze, allowing you to showcase your finished framed canvas in either landscape or portrait orientation.


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You can have us print and stretch your picture on canvas or customise an empty float frame to fit an canvas you have already

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Product Details


  • Features a beautiful shadow gap around your canvas
  • Simply fit your own canvas into the frame
  • Hangs both landscape and portrait
  • To clean, just wipe with a dry cloth
  • Genuine pulai frame with a foil finish
  • Hand-crafted in our UK studio to make your float frame one-of-a-kind

In The Box

  • Canvas Tray Frame
    A foil finish pulai canvas tray frame
  • Hanging Hardware
    High quality sawtooth hangers suitable for the weight and size of your frame

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Beautiful frame

I wanted to choose a frame that would add beauty to my painting of a rose. This frame I believe achieves this. Very happy.

By N/A on 27 May 2024 Verified Customer

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Measuring Your Picture

Made to Measure & Popular Sizes

You can select from a list of over 200 sizes from the "Popular Sizes" tab. These cover lots of common artwork sizes from A4 certificates to huge Ordnance Survey maps. If the size you require is not offered as a standard size, don't worry, you can order a made to measure frame and save yourself a lots of money.


Measuring for your new frame couldn't be simpler. Just tell us the external size of your canvas in millimetres (mm). Follow our easy, step-by-step guide below.

  1. Lay and flatten your picture on a level surface
  2. Take the measurements of the height and width of the area you'd like to frame. If you're planning on trimming your picture, please do so before taking measurements. If your picture has white borders and you don't want to see them, you'll need to trim them off.
    Full height and width of print
    Fig 1. Frame your whole picture by providing us with the height and width
    Cropped height and width of print
    Fig 2. Frame a portion of your picture by trimming and then providing us with the height and width
  3. Please double check your measurements or confirm your sizes with a friend
  4. Simply input the measurements you've taken (in mm) and we'll make sure the frame fits your picture
  5. For example, you're framing a picture that's 300mm x 450mm, input the sizes 300mm x 450mm.

Points to Note

The size you enter or select is your artwork size, not the external size of your frame or mount.

Part of your image will be hidden behind the frame lip or your mount. This is to make sure your picture doesn't fall through the middle.

Please contact us to discuss any unusual requirements.


Provide the size of the canvas you're framing - we'll make the frame to fit.

Custom Popular

What is the size of your artwork?
Enter a custom size below.

Canvas Width (mm)
Canvas Height (mm)
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Measuring Your Canvas

Made to Measure & Popular Sizes

Either select from a list of popular canvas sizes or enter a bespoke size [above]. Our list of common sizes is extensive and options range from small to extra-large. There is no price premium for our custom service.


Measuring for your new float frame couldn't be simpler. Just tell us the external size of your canvas in millimetres (mm). Follow our easy, step-by-step guide below.

  1. Get your canvas: Find the canvas you want to frame. Make sure it's stretched tightly and evenly on its wooden stretcher bars.
  2. Measure multiple points: Using a metal tape measure, measure in 3 places for both the external height and width of your canvas. Supply the biggest measurements to account for any minor differences in dimension caused by folding or stretching.
  3. For example, you're framing a canvas with an external size of 300mm x 450mm, input the sizes 300mm x 450mm
  4. Don't make any changes: We will do that for you to ensure your canvas fits perfectly within the frame.
  5. Double-check everything: Before purchasing the frame, double-check your measurements to ensure accuracy. Mistakes in measurements can lead to frames that don't fit.
Full height and width of print
Fig 1. Measure the external height and width of your canvas at the widest point

Shadow Gaps

All of our floater frames are cut 10mm larger than your canvas to allow for a shadow gap. A shadow gap is the space or gap between the canvas and the inner edge of the frame. This gap creates the illusion that the artwork is "floating" within the frame, adding depth and visual interest to your framed piece. They help to highlight your canvas in a unique and contemporary way.

Volume Discounts

Everyone loves that we're up to 70% cheaper than on the high street. Are you a business? Contact our team to discuss corporate requirements or fulfilment services.

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50+ 50% £16.80
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