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The case studies below bring to life the real and enjoyable experiences people have encountered whilst working with eFRAME on framing projects around the UK.

Theatre Royal Haymarket - Nigel Everett, Director

Looking around the Theatre Royal Haymarket, with its imposing Nash style columned entrance, you are immediately struck by the grandeur of the building and its lavish interior. This includes the décor, which is where our story begins.

Nigel Everett is a director of the holding company and was looking for new picture frames to enhance the overall look as well as promote forthcoming and current shows, in the foyer and around the four floors of this magnificent listed building.

Initially, Nigel approached several framing companies looking for reasonably priced poster sized frames. He was so impressed with eFRAME's website and ease of use that he called Andrew Lowther, the MD to tell him how amazing his company is. Nigel was particularly impressed that customers can immediately see what their frame will look like as well as seeing the size of the frame in comparison to an average woman. As he says "I loved the way the frame is formed in front of your eyes - its not just brilliantly easy to use - Andrew and his team are a pleasure to deal with and offer a fast, great value and as far as I'm aware, unrivalled service".

Nigel continues to use and recommend eFRAME to his friends and colleagues.

Web site: www.trh.co.uk

GEC - Denise Coates

From 1878, when Thomas Edison created the first light bulb company, General Electric has been an inspirational innovator around the world. Its reputation for excellence is just as important today as it ever was.

Denise Coates, GE's London office manager was trawling the net as she has been responsible for refurbishing GE's new HQ in Kings Cross. Part of this role has included 'getting a new look' for the company's artworks.

A new eFRAME user, Denise has been thoroughly impressed with eFRAME's service, in terms of cost, speed and efficiency. In fact, Denise was so impressed with her overall service that she called eFRAME to enquire about getting the frames delivered to her colleagues around the globe.

She continues to use and recommend eFRAME to her many colleagues globally.

Web site: www.ge.com

Photovoice (charity) - Matt Daw

Photovoice is an international charity based in the UK that runs participatory photography projects with marginalised groups of people from all over the world to give them a voice. Using people trained in photography, the charity advocates change by helping to show people from disadvantaged backgrounds. This includes people who are disabled, have HIV, street children refugees and unaccompanied refugees into the UK/London. The charity also works with children's charity KIDS.

Photovoice is a new eFRAME customer and runs numerous exhibitions throughout the year. Currently putting on an exhibition, Matt is extremely happy using eFRAME as he says, "Our charity is small but puts on large scale exhibitions, often with a quick turnaround. We need to have high quality and reusable frames and were particularly impressed with the speed and overall quality of the frames that we will be using for this exhibition.

Matt particularly liked the security and speed of eFRAME's delivery service and 'what you see is what you get' approach on the website.

Web site: www.photovoice.org

Haymarket Publications - Lindsey Hawkins

Haymarket Publications is the largest independently owned publishing company in the UK. It started almost 50 years ago and is run and owned by the multi-talented Michael Heseltine. Serving business communities in 40 countries, the company produces hundreds of business titles across a broad spectrum from sport to medicine, technology to town planning, consumer, business and customer media, along with exhibitions and live events.

Lindsey Hawkins is a publishing manager with Haymarket, working on several titles. A busy lady, she needs a fast and efficient turn-around for all bought-in services and has found eFRAME's service competitively priced and service-driven. As she said, "We started using eFRAME fairly recently - one of my orders was for some frames which were used to frame gift certificates in an awards ceremony. I've used them several times now and am happy to continue using them; they offer a value for money service and the staff never say no - they're always happy to accommodate my last-minute needs."

Web site: www.haymarket.com

Addenbrookes Hospital - Pamela Johanson

Addenbrookes Hospital is the largest teaching hospital in Cambridge serving over 500,000 patients each year. The hospital has an income in excess of £350 million and an impressive list of facilities that include: around 1,100 beds, over 6,800 staff, over 68,000 A?amp;E attendances and 65,000 inpatients, 389,331 outpatient attendances and 24 operating theatres and 5 intensive care units. With plans to double the size the hospital by 2015, it already takes 20 minutes to cover the grounds and will have miles of corridors.

Pamela Johanson works for the hospital in the facilities department. Amongst her many other duties, part of her responsibilities includes commissioning frames to exhibit various artists work along the public corridors to brighten up the environment. She has been impressed with eFRAME's turn-around - she recently commented, "The service, speed and price make them hard to beat. I've been very happy with their service and would be happy to recommend them."

Web site: www.addenbrookes.com/art

East Staffs Borough Council - Paul Challacombe

The Arts Development team at East Staffs Borough Council works in partnership with local people, community groups and organisations creating opportunities for people to take part in arts activities. In addition to developing projects and support events, the arts team enable people to get actively involved in the arts, learn new skills and have fun.

The Art Development Team also commission artists to produce temporary and permanent pieces of public art, many of which are on permanent display in the building throughout the year, located just by the Brewhouse Theatre.

Paul Challacombe's remit within this busy council includes outreach and community work. He has been extremely impressed with the style, price and service he has received from eFRAME for the Council's permanent exhibition space and is particularly happy with eFRAME's lead times. As he commented, "I am more than satisfied with the service - from placing an order to receiving the frames only took a matter of days. Even better, eFRAME understand our payment system, which allows us to pay after we have received the frames. I am delighted overall with eFRAME and would be happy to recommend them - they provide an A1 service".

Web site: www.eaststaffsbc.gov.uk/art

www.thepicturebiz.co.uk - Phil Moss

www.thepicturebiz.co.uk produce high-quality canvas prints using genuine artist grade canvas which are then hand stretched over canvas T-bars. The company offers a speedy turnaround, and is run by two cousins who started their business a couple of years ago. With productivity booming, www.thepicturebiz.co.uk need suppliers who can match their high standards and precision work. Much of their work is in the hotel and corporate sectors.

Phil Moss is a director of the company and has an excellent eye for detail, having trained as a graphic designer. "I am a new customer and eFRAME produced my frames really fast - they quoted 12 days but delivered them in 2; I was very impressed. Timescales are a big factor in my business and I'm more than happy with their service." he said.

Web site: www.thepicturebiz.co.uk

Nic Barlow - Award Winning Photographer

Nic Barlow is an internationally renowned photographer, whose stunning work has been featured in several books, magazines and national newspapers including The Times, The Sunday Times, World of Interiors, Vogue Homes (France), Tatler, Harpers ?amp; Queen, the Telegraph Colour Magazine and Newsweek.

His beautifully shot images of unusual buildings feature in a forthcoming book titled European Follies, which celebrates and beautifully illustrates the wealth and exuberance of follies, from Baroque and Rococo through Art Nouveau to the present day. Follies were built for pleasure with passion and self indulgence and reflect and celebrate the individuals who created them.

Planned to take place in the near future, Nic is mounting a touring exhibition of his photographs from his book across five UK destinations. eFRAME were tasked with framing and mounting a selection of images taken from the book. He is understandably delighted with the service he received. As he said, "I'm impressed all-round - their prices represent great value, I particularly liked the way they guided me through choosing a frame and the fact they delivered the frames to my doorstep by special van was brilliant. They bent over backwards to help me and I'd be delighted to recommend them."

Web site: www.nicbarlow.com

Philips Electronics - Cherie Banfield

The Philips brand is synonymous with innovation, products and services of high quality, and an ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction. It's people that make the difference. The company employs a substantial number of people in the UK, deployed across a wide spectrum of business activities that embrace the key platforms of Philips dedication to providing Healthcare, Wellbeing, Lifestyle and Innovation based products, systems and services. All UK activities are co-ordinated from a modern Head Office complex in Guildford, Surrey, just to the south of London.

Cherie is facilities manager at the Redhill offices of Philips and is responsible for refurbishing the offices on an on-going basis. She used eFRAME to frame new office artworks and has been very happy indeed with the service, citing them as "professional, competitively priced and offering an excellent service. Their levels of customer service were very high - I love the way the screen helped me to show me what the frame would look like. Thoroughly recommend the company."

Web site: www.philips.co.uk

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