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There's a myriad of reasons that make ordering your frame from eFRAME the smart choice. You get a product of supreme quality, delivered quickly and you'll manage to save money in the process. It's a breeze choosing your design online. Especially when compared to the hours you'd have to spend at a local frame shop.

To make creating your frame even easier we give you the option to upload a picture of the item you're framing. This makes visualising your finished frame effortless.

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At some point you'll have to enter the size of the frame you'd like. Fortunately it's really simple, and that's one of the reasons over 280,000 people have done it before. If you would like a frame on its own we will ask you for the exact size of the picture you're framing. We will then make the frame to fit this picture, perfectly.

If your order includes a mount we'll ask you to enter the exact size you want the mount opening window to be. We don't make any adjustments to this size at all. As such, we'll ask you to remember to make sure the window is slightly smaller than the picture you're framing so that there's an overlap. This allows you to tape the picture to the mount, stopping your picture from falling straight through the mount opening window.

Now that's the 'complicated' part done, let's get those creative juices flowing for the next few parts!

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Add a 'wow factor'

With the perfect mount

The Mount, known in America as a Matt, is a card insert that lies between the frame and the picture to create a visual breathing space between the two. They're available in a variety of colours, ranging from our most popular Iced White mount to more intriguing and bold colours. A mount gives you a further opportunity, in addition to your frame, to make your design more unique. We'll give you the chance to change the size of the mount borders too! Go for extra wide mount borders to create a gallery style look.

Top Tip - A popular design trick is to pick a mount colour that will pick out colours in the picture you're framing. So for instance, if your picture is of a landscape which features a field of red poppies, it would be common for somebody to pick a red mount. Of course, if you want to achieve a more neutral look, a simple white mount is the way to go.

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The main event

600 frame styles, wood and aluminium

Now it's time to choose the most important part of your design, the frame. You can quickly filter our entire range of handmade, wood and aluminium mouldings by colour, shape and width. Our unique frame photography and Truelife visualisation technology will show you exactly how the final frame will appear on your wall in real time, so you'll know exactly what you're ordering before we've even started your custom build.



You'll have the choice between our unique Clarity+ Glazing™. This glazing doesn't scratch easy, has a high UV resistance and doesn't yellow over time, so there's less to distract you from your picture. We're the only online framer to use this. Alternatively you can opt for our 2mm float glass, which is only available on smaller frames, unless you choose to collect from us. Finally, you can choose to have no glazing at all, a popular choice for those framing oil paintings.



We have a wide selection of framing accessories. Keep your glazing spotless with our glass cleaner and anti-static cloths. Hang your frame like a pro with our picture placers and picture hooks. Make sure that your picture never succumbs to the elements with our acid free barrier board and backing tape. We've got accessories for everything!

Further Help

You can contact one of our customer service team by email or by phone. They'll be more than happy to walk you through the process or answer any remaining questions you may have.

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