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Using this website

Welcome to our quick and easy guide telling you how to get the most from the eFRAME website. makes buying frames, mounts and mirrors easy and affordable. We have a friendly and dedicated team of people focused on delivering you the best quality product at the right price. No other framer does it better, which is why we have firmly established ourselves as the UK's leading online picture framer.

Navigating and the basics


First of all you need to be able to navigate your way around the eFRAME website. The 2 most important navigation zones are up the top of the page and down the left hand side of the page. The "header" section allows you to visit the most important pages on the website. The left hand menu allows you to burrow deep into the site, finding specific pages easily and quickly. The left hand menu also doubles up as a filtering system whilst browsing our custom frame selections.

The content section is always in the centre of the page and can sometimes (on our most visited pages) replace the left hand menu.

Colours & Navigation

We look to use colour as a functional aspect on eFRAME. Whenever you see a blue button this will take you to what we think will be the next most useful page for you to visit. A green button symbolises the fact you can begin, move along or end your online shopping experience. You can never get lost on eFRAME even though we have nearly 1 million unique pages.

Parts of the website

The 4 separate areas of eFRAME

Browsing Products

Filtering Items

Browsing products is easy with eFRAME. There are various ways to go about finding your perfect frame, mount, mirror or accessory. After using the navigation to discover the type of product you need you will have the option to use our filtering system. Pictured below, this system allows you to display only the items fitting your specified criteria. Depending on which products you're browsing our filtering system may appear either above the product list or in the left hand menu.

Filtering system

Discovering Information

All of our ready made items will have a 'More Info' button next to them. Click it and you will be taken through to our product page where you can view larger images, find out more about the product and delivery dates. Again, we use colour as a function. You may notice that blue buttons will help you uncover more information whereas green buttons allow you to move forward in the buying process.

Various buttons

The Frame Studio

Before you begin

After choosing whether you need a frame, mount or both you are taken through the main studio screen. Down the right hand side you have the clickable menu items and on the left hand side you have a real time image of the frame you are building. The green buttons at the top perform various functions which you may find useful. You can visit any menu section at all points during the process, you are not restricted to go via the order we set.

The frame studio

eFRAME's leading design studio

1 - Upload you image (optional)

We have put the facility in place allowing you to upload an image of the item you are framing so you can get a feel for the overall effect (We do not print the picture).

2 - Choose your sizes

You may need to refer to our measuring guide for this section, but we promise the process is as simple as possible (we even tested it out on secondary school children to make sure).

3 - Choose mount style

Here you can choose if you want to add/remove a mount. If you do wish to have a mount then we allow to choose the style of the mount at this point.

4 - Choose mount colour

If you have decided to opt for a mount here you can choose the colours. We have over 40 to choose from. The choice of colour for our deep bevel mounts is limited.

5 - Choose frame style

Now you can decide on the style of your picture frame. Check out our buying guide to get some great ideas and tips from our own experts.

6 - Choose your options

If you require anything extra with your order such as barrier board or self adhesive board then you can add them to your order here.

7 - Choose glazing

All of our frames come standard with crystal clear acrylic glazing. If you wish to have glass, or no glazing then you can select it here.


To the top left of most pages you will see our 'shop online' menu, under this menu item you have the option to use our quick search. Using this you can quickly find a frame in the material, colour, and size you would like. You can also select a price range which suits your budget here. All results are displayed after you click 'Find Now'. After you find a frame you like simply click add to basket.

The frame search


eFRAME is very secure. We employ the latest security technology to prevent any unwanted activity. All personal information transmitted using this site is secured using an Equifax Secure Inc. SSL certificate. This can be seen by double clicking on the padlock symbol on the status bar of your web browser when you are on our checkout page. The encryption technology employed (High Grade RC4 128 bit)) makes it very difficult for unauthorised people to view information travelling between computers.

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