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Adding to your gallery

Our add to gallery tool will save your design for at least a month ready for when you next visit us. It's exceptionally useful for comparing your designs as you go along instead of having to add each design to your cart.


The price updates seamlessly each time you make a change to your frame or mount making it easy for you to find a frame to fit your budget. You can also add your design to your basket at any point using the green 'add to basket' button.

Stage 1. Uploading a Picture (optional)

Start here. If you would like to, you can upload your picture to help you choose your frame and/or mount. We don't print the picture & you'll need to enter the size of your frame after.

Stage 2. Your Sizes

Here's where you enter the size you need the frame or mount to be to accomodate your picture. Measuring help is provided along the way.

Stage 3. Mount Style

Here you can choose whether or not your frame comes with a mount. You can also order a mount on its own without a frame. Mounts give your picture room to breathe & can dramatically enhance your artwork.

Stage 4. Mount Colour

This step is only applicable if you chose a mount in step 3. If you did then you can alter the colour of both your bottom and top mounts easily at this point.

Stage 5. Frame Style

Step 5 allows you to select a frame from within the frame studio itself. Simply click on the checkbox (multi select available) of your prefered colours and see them listed for you to apply to your creation. If you came in with a preselected frame you probably don't need this step. You can also remove your frame here if you would like to order a mount on its own to go inside a frame you already own.

This section also gives you the option to conduct a full screen detailed search for the perfect frame which is shown below.

Full Screen Frame Search

Our full screen frame search offers you the ability to quickly narrow down our giant collection of mouldings by colour, width, shape, wood type and rebate. This tool is great for both those who know exactly what they want as well as those just looking to browse.

6. Extras

Want super fast delivery, security fixings or some glass cleaner? Here you can choose from a large range of picture framing related items.

7. Glazing

Choose between crystal clear acrylic glazing, high quality 2mm float glass or if you don't need any form of glazing, remove it completely here.

8. Review & Add To Basket

Once you've finished all the steps, (which are all revistable at any point in the process) you can review your creation and add it to your shopping basket ready to buy.

See everything before you buy.

We wanted to make buying frames as stress free as possible to we've invested heavily in bringing you the most vibrant, accurate and sharp moulding photos on the web. Now you can see our frames in exquisite detail before you buy unlike almost all other frame shops where much of the detail, which often makes the frames so spectacular to behold, is hidden with poor product representations. With eFRAME you can see exactly what you'll get.

Drawn to scale.

Our framing engine draws frames to scale. Below is an image of the exact same frame moulding but at 2 different sizes. Notice how the image on the left appears to have a narrower moulding than the one on the right. This is because the print inside the frame on the left is twice the size of the one on the right, making the frame look smaller in comparison. We also have an image of a person standing next to your frame, to give you yet another sense of scale.

Live updates.

As you change the specification of your frame and/or mount the image representing your product will update automatically, showing you your new design. Our frame drawing engine displays highly accurate illustrations of your finished frame, however we wouldn't recommend using our photos to colour match with your art whilst on screen as monitor set ups vary.

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