Our New Website Has Launched | eFRAME

Beautiful New Design

Our main aim was to make the new website more engaging and user-friendly. We have developed a suite of new tools to help customers make informed decisions and choose a frame that is absolutely right for them. Tailoring the website to the user will allow a much more relevant and customer-focused digital experience.

Viewing has now been made easier with the new website working across all platforms - including tablet devices and mobile phones. The site has also been mobile optimised prioritising the functionality most popularly used by busy people on-the-go.

Simple To Use

Simpler is better. Especially when it comes to your shopping online. With the new eFRAME site, you can browse, customise, and buy your picture frames with ease. With a few quick clicks, you can build your own custom frame or purchase our huge selection of ready made frames. We've made our products the centre of attention and let their quality shine through with beautiful new images.

Help At Hand

With so many different frame styles, sizes and options now available, it can be confusing and time consuming trying to compare and contrast them all. eFRAME has updated the 'Gallery' feature found in the frame and Mirror Studios which allows you to fully compare and save your product creations for future use.

To make your shopping experience even more enjoyable we've made our help and information sections more widely accessible by giving you the option to view relevant tips when we think you might require them. Our help centre has also had a complete rework, resulting in making your job of finding information quicker than ever.

Create Your Own Masterpiece

The Frame Studio is a simple to use app that allows you to create and buy your own personalised frames and mounts. Our frame prices are normally 60% less than those found on the high street.

Below are a just a few of the dozens of improvements we're made to the Frame Studio, Mirror Studio and Mini Frame Studio this Autumn

Uploading Your Image

Start here. If you would like to, you can upload your picture to help you choose your frame and/or mount. We don't print the picture & you'll need to enter the size of your frame after.

Full Screen Frame Search

As well as our in-Studio frame browser our full screen frame search has been updated to offer you the ability to quickly narrow down our giant collection of mouldings by colour, width, shape, wood type and rebate. This tool is great for both those who know exactly what they want as well as those just looking to browse.

The Mini Studio

Our Mini Studio has had a complete rework. You're taken to the Mini Studio after selecting a custom moulding for customisation. The Mini Studio allows you to quickly build a custom frame, you can choose its dimensions and whether or not you want a mount included with your frame. We have over 40 complementary mount colours to choose from, ranging from Iced White to Deep Black. You now also benefit from our unique high resolution photos showing you in exquisite detail the finish and profile of your frame.

See everything before you buy.

We wanted to make buying frames as stress free as possible to we've invested heavily in bringing you the most vibrant, accurate and sharp moulding photos on the web. Now you can see our frames in exquisite detail before you buy unlike almost all other frame shops where much of the detail, which often makes the frames so spectacular to behold, is hidden with poor product representations. With eFRAME you can see exactly what you'll get.

Drawn to scale.

Our framing engine draws frames to scale. Below is an image of the exact same frame moulding but at 2 different sizes. Notice how the image on the left appears to have a narrower moulding than the one on the right. This is because the print inside the frame on the left is twice the size of the one on the right, making the frame look smaller in comparison. We also have an image of a person standing next to your frame, to give you yet another sense of scale.

Live updates.

As you change the specification of your frame and/or mount the image representing your product will update automatically, showing you your new design. Our frame drawing engine displays highly accurate illustrations of your finished frame, however we wouldn't recommend using our photos to colour match with your art whilst on screen as monitor set ups vary.

Powerful Filtering - Custom Frames

We have now introduced product browsing pages which can be dynamically filtered by key product parameters, such as popular and custom sizes, material, colour, width, shape and so on, to help you narrow down the choice of suitable products.

The new filtering system makes your task of finding the perfect custom frame even more enjoyable. You can view various product photos on the browsing page its self and it's all lightening quick!

Navigating The Site

First of all you need to be able to navigate your way around the eFRAME website. The 2 most important navigation zones are up the top of the page and down the left hand side of the page. The "header" section allows you to visit the most important pages on the website. The left hand menu allows you to burrow deep into the site, finding specific pages easily and quickly. The left hand menu also doubles up as a filtering system whilst browsing our custom frame selections (as mentioned above). A complete list of our product categories is also available from the new frames by type page seen here.

Powerful Filtering - Ready Made Frames

You can add as many filters as you like on our browsing pages, and these will work together to provide you with the products that only satisfy all of the selected criteria. For example, you choose a specific size (e.g. 'A4') from a filter type (e.g. 'black'), the rest of the filter types displayed (e.g. 'material') list products of that size only.

The filters on the ready made pages appear as drop down menus. Next to the filter option the number of products available in that category are shown. You can then click on them to see the choice of products.

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