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Everyone loves that we're up to 70% cheaper than on the high street. Are you a business? Contact our team to discuss corporate requirements or fulfilment services.

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2+ 10% £32.02
5+ 20% £28.45
10+ 30% £24.90
20+ 35% £23.12
30+ 40% £21.35
40+ 45% £19.56
50+ 50% £17.78
Discounts apply to multiples of the same item

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Our Materials

Our Prints

If you choose to upload your own art or photo, we'll print it on your choice of FineArt paper, using archival inks. Our team double check the quality of your upload to make sure it'll look great when it's prited.

Our Frames

Each frame we make is truly one-of-a-kind. Solid wood and premium aluminium mouldings from Larson Juhl and Nielsen Bainbridge are custom cut and joined to fit your artwork perfectly.

Our Mounts

Choose from a range of acid-free (conservation grade), solid white and black core mounts in a range of over 40 colours and thicknesses. All our mounts and guaranteed to not discolour over time.

Our Glazing

Clarity+ acrylic glazing is used for framing your art. We use it because it offers superior UV protection, is more durable (during shipping) and is as optically clear as our float glass.

Upload Your Picture

With Printing

You've captured the moment. Now turn it into something special. Create one-of-a-kind prints and have them delivered to yourself or a friend. And do it all in minutes, right in the place you order your frames. We'll print your picture on beautiful fine art paper and then professionally fit and finish it within the frame. When you receive your framed print it will be ready to hang out of the box.

If you choose to upload your own art or photo, we'll print it on your choice of FineArt paper, using archival inks. Our team double check the quality of your upload to make sure it'll look great when it's prited.

Without Printing

Frames or mounts are sent directly to you, sized to fit your artwork. Easily fit your picture at home and display.


This picture frame is designed to fit a paper thin item

External Size

The current estimated external size of this frame is 186x248mm. If you are ordering a picture frame to fit inside a recess or for a gallery wall you will need to take this into account so that the frame fits into its desired position when hung.

Frame Rebate

Every frame has a lip (rebate) which prevents the picture and the frame components inside from falling through the front. This means that each edge of your image will be covered by 2-5mm. If you wish to see the entirety of your picture, you'll need a clip frame.

If you wish to maximise the visible area of your picture once framed, please contact us. We can measure the exact lip size of this particular frame style and advise accordingly.

Hello, Online Framing

Enjoy the wide range and customisation options of a local frame shop with the added benefits of convenience, fast delivery, and lower prices of online shopping. eFrame makes it easy to design, visualise, and order frames and mounts that are perfect for your art and photos without needing to carry your pictures to the local framer.

  • Create frames and mounts in real time, exploring endless options to create your perfect piece.
  • Upload your pictures for printing with our state-of-the-art Giclée printers for exceptional quality and detail.
  • Or order empty frames and mounts to fit your art and photos at home.

Print with us or DIY

When creating your custom frame, you have two options; upload & print or frame at home:

Choosing whether to order a framed print or an empty frame
  • Print with us: Upload your photo for us to print using our state-of-the-art giclee printers. We'll print your picture with exceptional quality and detail, then frame it for you. This option ensures a seamless process from start to finish, providing you with a ready-to-hang piece of art.
  • Frame at home: Order an empty frame and mount to fit your art and photos at home. This option allows you to insert your own pictures, giving you the flexibility to change the artwork whenever you like.

Both options offer the convenience and quality that eFrame is known for, ensuring your artwork is beautifully displayed.

Customising your sizes

Customising the size to fit your picture

You'll need to enter or select the size of the frame you'd like. We will then custom-make the frame to fit your picture perfectly. It's a straightforward process, made even easier with our expert online measuring guides.

Selecting the right frame

Selecting a frame style

Select from handmade wood and aluminum frames, all organised by colour, shape, and width. Our visualisation technology shows the final look in real time, ensuring you know exactly what you're ordering before hanging it on your wall.

Mounting time

Adding a photo mount

A mount (or matt) is a piece of coloured card with a window that creates visual space between the frame and picture. Available in many colours, they add uniqueness to your design. Choose extra-wide borders for a gallery look, or go mount-free for a modern, streamlined look.

Top Tip: Pick a mount colour that highlights colour in your picture. For instance, choose a red mount for a landscape with red poppies, or a simple white mount for a neutral look. By matching colours to elements in your picture you'll end up with an expertly designed and cohesive display.


Selecting the glazing

Opt for Clarity+ Glazing™ for scratch resistance and UV protection, or 2mm float glass for smaller frames. No glazing is an option for oil paintings, providing flexibility based on your artwork's needs.

Accessories & Review

Explore framing accessories like glass cleaner, picture hooks, and acid-free barrier board to keep your frame and artwork in top condition. Our comprehensive selection ensures your framing experience is complete and professionally finished.

After delivery

Simply insert your picture and hang your frame to transform your walls. We have online guides explaining how to frame and mount your pictures. Everything you need to display your picture will be included in the box, such as the hanging fixings and MDF backing.