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A list of frequently asked questions regarding all aspects of the products and services eFRAME offers. You may be looking for information on how to care or assemble your frame.

  • What does my wood frame come with?
  • Frames from eFRAME come supplied finished. Our wood frames come with enough polycord to hang your frame either horizontally or vertically. They also come with a 2.5mm thick MDF backing board, a glazing of your choice and appropriate hanging fixings.

  • What does my aluminium frame come with?
  • Frames from eFRAME come supplied finished. Our aluminium frames come with enough polycord to hang your frame either horizontally or vertically. They also come with a 2.5mm thick MDF backing board, a glazing of your choice, appropriate hanging fixings, assembly instructions and spring clips.

  • I didn't order a blue mount, but I've received one
  • The protective film may still be on the glazing. Try removing this from the front and back. If you still think you've received the wrong mount, please get in touch.

  • What does my mount come with?
  • Apart from the packaging, photo mounts come alone, unless ordered with a frame or other product.

  • What does my mirror come with?
  • Mirrors from eFRAME come supplied finished. You just need to insert the supplied hanging fixings and polycord.

  • What quality can I expect from products I buy with eFRAME.co.uk?
  • Expect only the best. We have built the eFRAME brand around the concept of high quality and service. We feel strongly about providing our products at affordable prices too, often reducing our prices to undercut competitors. We are genuinely second to none in our industry.

    Every custom frame we sell is made at our state of the art premises in Cambridgeshire. We do not import our custom frames from from eastern europe or asia and we do not sell plastic custom frames. We have the latest computerised equipment and our staff are trained picture framers. We are members of the Fine Art Trade Guild and pride ourselves in the high quality of our work. Our major customers include many household names, and our client list reads more than 70,000.

  • How representative are the images on your website of the actual products?
  • We employ professional photographers to photograph the products you see on this website and graphic designers to colour match as best as possible. We can not compensate however for varying screen settings, so if you require an exact colour match we recommend requesting samples by calling or emailing our support staff.

  • How do your prices fare against other companies?
  • As eFRAME is one of the biggest framing companies in the UK we can offer prices other companies can't due to the scale of our operations.

  • What is the difference between a ready made product and custom?
  • We offer two distinct product types. Our ready made frames come in a range of standard sizes only and are normally manufactured by other leading frame companies such as Nielsen Bainbridge (The worlds largest frame company). Our ready made section doesn't just include picture frames however, we sell a wide variety of products such as snap frames, poster frames, photo frames and multi opening frames.

    Our custom made frames on the other hand are made in the UK by our own professional framers. These 'made to measure' frames can be ordered in any size you require and you have a choice of over 600 different frames types and 40 mount colours.

  • Why should I buy from eFRAME.co.uk?
  • We are the innovators of our industry. When you buy from eFRAME expect the latest designs, the simplest ordering process, the most competitive prices, the best service and fine art trade guild quality products. Have a look at our testimonials.

  • What about the environment?
  • eFRAME recognises the environmental concerns shared by a growing number of people throughout the world and is trying to make a difference. We recycle products where possible and are assured by our moulding suppliers that they source from good forrest management areas. We will continue to explore various ways by which we can reduce our carbon footprint further into the future and encourage other organisations to follow suit.

  • Do you offer discounts?
  • We do offer a range of discounts and money off promotions. Discounts are applied automatically when you add products and change quantities in your shopping basket. Our discount structure allows you to save up to 50% on an order. Free delivery is applied for orders over certain amounts. If you have ordered from us in the past you have more than likely received an offer code which saves you money on your next purchase. Simply enter this code at the appropriate point in our your basket to save money.

  • Do your frames hang or stand?
  • We sell both types. Most of our custom made frames come with appropriate hanging fixings as standard but you can order stands instead. We have a 'frames to stand' product line in our ready made frames section if this is what you require. Remember however, some frames can be too big to stand up safely. We could not recommend standing a frame any larger than A3 in size.

  • How deep are your frames?
  • Each moulding (the material from which we make the frame) has what's called a "rebate depth". This simply means the inside dimension from the front (where the glazing sits) to the back. Rebate depths vary from 5mm to 29mm. The exact dimension can be found by looking at the web page for that one moulding and reading the description. The rebate depth is the last line.

    If you wish to frame something which is thicker than paper, then you need to make sure that the rebate depth is at least 7mm bigger AND you need to tell us in the "Further Instructions" section of the checkout page. If you want one or more mounts in the frame also, then add 1.5mm x the number of mounts to the 7mm.

    By way of example, say you had something to frame that is 6mm thick. Just add 6mm + 7mm to find the rebate depth you need - in this case 13mm or more. If you also wanted a mount, then it would be 6mm + 1.5mm + 7mm = 14.5mm or more.

    The easiest way to find deep rebated frames is to use the Fast Frame Finder and choose the appropriate options.

  • Are your frames easy to put together?
  • All frames are supplied assembled. However, hanging fixings will need to be attached (if we were to do this during manufacture then it would be difficult to fit your artwork). Aluminium frames, although fully assembled, require you to remove one moulding section in order to fit your artwork. This is a simple operation requiring a small screwdriver.

  • I have a stretched canvas, can you help?
  • If you have a stretcher frame, you are at liberty to choose a picture frame that has a rebate depth shallower than the depth of the stretcher. If you decide to do this please process your order online and state clearly in the box on the checkout page entitled "Further information" that you need spring clips to fasten your stretcher in place, and also please let us know the depth of the stretcher frame. At present, we are happy to supply these free of charge.

    When measuring, always check that the stretcher frame for you canvas is actually squared up properly by measuring at 3 points for height and width (eg top, middle and bottom of the height) They should all be within a mm of each other. Also, ensure that you give us the measurement at the widest point. Please bear in mind that quite often, when a canvas is stretched, the corners tend to 'bulk out with the folded material, and that this is often the widest point.

  • What is the best way to remove the protective film from the acrylic glazing?
  • To avoid static build up whilst peeling back the film we suggest wiping it first of all with a barely damp cloth. Also, try to always handle the acrylic by the edges or wear clean, soft cotton gloves.

  • Can you send me samples?
  • We do offer a sample service if your order is likely to exceed £75. Please contact us to request your sample.

  • Do you provide multi-opening mounts?
  • We have a large selection of multi-opening mounts online where you may be able to find what you are looking for.

    If you can't find a standard mount we may be able to manufacture it for you. In order to establish a price and feasibility we will need to see a drawing that can be emailed, faxed or posted. to us. This doesn't have to be a great technical drawing but does have to clearly show your proposed layout and dimensions for opening, gaps and borders in millimetres.

    If you could also indicate colour and preferred style (single mount, double mount, luxury single, or luxury double) that would be helpful.

    If you also want a frame also then we will need the MLDA number from the web site of the moulding you would like. You can use our Quick Find feature to select this.

  • Can I purchase a frame with sizes larger than that allowed on your website?
  • The web site is designed to allow frames up to 1220 x 915mm, and mounts up to 1200 x 815mm. If you have a requirement for an item larger than this we may be able to assist. Please contact us via email stating your requirements (including the MLDA reference number of the preferred frame style from the web site) and we can let you have a price. However, for oversize products such as this you will need to arrange collection as we do not have the ability to box items of this size.

  • Do you sell frameless frames (clip frames)?
  • Usually, when we hear this term, the customer is looking for a 'clip' frame made up of an MDF back and a piece of glass ground at the edge and supplied with metal clips that fit around the edge of the glass and the back. We can supply this type of frame under our ready made section.

  • Do you print pictures?
  • We can print your pictures. Simply upload them in our design studio, select your paper, size and crop if neccessary and then finish them off with a beautiful frame.

  • Do you sell glass or acrylic on its own?
  • We can not sell glass on its own due to delivery complications but we can supply acrylic glazing.

  • Can we supply mirrors with swept frames?
  • This is something we CAN do, call 01480 214777 to discuss.

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